Jail For Pot. Liberty For Child Violation.

God bless Donald Trump, but he’s failing the people.
Nobel Prize Nominee Robert David Steele discusses Trump, Comey, Rebuilding Integrity
Child violation. It is an unpleasant chemical fact that child blood fends off ageing and there are those into this and have been for a long time.
Blood induced with adrenalin is even more potent for these people, hence torture if inflicted prior to murder.
We must address child violation and have an amnesty for congress to reveal who is bribing and blackmailing so we can clear out the mess and move on.
Not vindictive and revengeful, but an approach to stop the rot.Open source engineering.
The Rothschild cabal must be removed.
The Bush family are certifiably evil.
Trump is right where JFK was before he was assassinated.
Holistic mechanics.
The new French President is a traitor – he played the €U anthem; he’s an absolute tool for the established cabal.
Election machines are designed to produce desired results.
Cynthia Mckinney is a God send… one of the last ethical political leaders we have.
The common enemy is deep state. The common solution is election reform.
Donald Trump’s tax reform is a fraud.
Trump’s gets a C-. Done some good things, done some truly idiotic things.



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