It’s The Russians Again! Vive La Pen! Inshallah!


I bet it was the Russian! Another fair and open election. Isn’t democracy great!? Obomba backs Macron… oh well then, he must be the best choice. Jesus, what a nonsense.
Macron condemns ‘massive’ hacking attack as documents leaked:
Macron will bomb the hell out of anywhere he is told to, while Marine Le Pen does not support interventionism, yet those who bomb are referred to as ‘centrist’. War = Peace. George Orwell told us in 1948 in ‘1984’, Send yer kids to school! Make sure they get taught the official version of everything!

C’mon Marine Le Pen, make my day and make me laugh.

The Truth About Macron

Emmanuel Macron Attaques Marine Le Pen électeurs: “Lâches Odieux”:

NPP Edit: Al Gore’s Russian connections…
Al Gore Senior?

Hammer recognized the utility of buying politicians, and here Mr. Epstein understates one of his juicier stories: how the impecunious Senator Albert Gore Sr. got the wealth to enable him to live in splendor in Washington’s Fairfax Hotel and to send son, Al Jr., now the vice president, to the pricey St. Albans school.

In 1950, Hammer made Mr. Gore “a partner in a cattle-breeding business, from which the Senator made a substantial profit.” Thereafter, Gore was Hammer’s designated door-opener in official Washington. When Mr. Gore retired, Hammer made him president of Occidental’s coal division, where he “earned more than $500,000 a year.”

See? That’s the way to do it!


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