Hey InfoWars! Patrick Henningsen?!

It’s Wednesday night already. Who on earth among the general populous is ever going to listen to Patrick’s Henningsen’s latest 3 hour Sunday Wire update about Syria? There are war torn areas in Syria where ‘Syrian moderate rebel’ hospitals run the ISIS flag and pharmaceutical products from Germany, Netherlands and the US overflow into the street as children step over them, apparently…. your taxpayer money! Arsenal 2 Sunderland 0. Doesn’t look good for a top 4 finish. What was that about Syrian rebel hospitals and schools being hit? Ah, that’s that tyrant Assad bloke, Do you think Sanchez will stay or go?

I’m about 30mins in and won’t have time till Monday now… and then he’ll have delivered another new one. However, he has chronicled and they are are there to be heard..

SUNDAY WIRE with host Patrick Henningsen

Why is Patrick Henningsen not on with Alex Jones at Infowars? 21st Century Wire journalists on the ground. Why isn’t Vanessa Beeley on InfoWars? Has she been and I just not heard it?

Anyway, let’s post the update available.

You don’t know who to vote for in the UK? Goodness if I know! Yeah, spoil the ballot, so what? If enough did, I guess…
You can share this though; before, during and after your election theatricals.

Oi! Alex! Patrick’s an American last I heard, doing that thing called on the ground investigative journalism. He’s informing the US taxpayers where their taxes are going. Interested, by any chance?

Alex… is? Sanchez?
No dumb arse, oh forget it.


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