Here’s why Saudi Arabia and Israel are allies in all but name

Israel and Saudi Arabia both seek to destroy Syria and in doing so, destroy the last bastion of secular, tolerant and modern Arab government that remains totally un-compromised in its foreign and economic policies.


23 May 2017 by

Those who claim that Israel is opposed to Donald Trump’s now openly warm relations with Saudi Arabia are missing the actual point. On the surface, many assume that Israel and Saudi Arabia have poor relations. Neither country has diplomatic relations with one another, one is a self-styled Jewish state while the other is a Wahhabi Sunni monarchy.

But they both have the same regional goals, they both have the same enemies and both are intellectual anachronisms in a 20th century that has seen the fall of multiple monarchies, the end of traditional European colonialism and the fall of segregated regimes in Africa (Apartheid South Africa and UDI Rhodesia for example).

Israel and Saudi Arabia have always been enemies of secular, Arab nationalist states and federations. Whether an Arab state is Nasserist, Ba’athist, socialist, Marxist-Leninist or in the case of Gaddafi’s Libya a practitioner of the post-Nassierist Third Political Theory: Israel and Saudi Arabia have sought to and in large part have succeeded, with western help, at destroy such states.

Unlike Israel’s Apartheid military state and Saudi Arabia’s human rights free monarchy, the aforementioned Arab styles of government are worthy of the word modern. These are countries which had progressive mixed economies, had secular governments and societies, had full constitutional rights for religious and ethnic minorities, they championed women’s rights and engaged in mass literacy programmes and infrastructural projects. In the case of the Syrian Arab Republic, such things still apply.

Such things still have wide appeal not just in the Arab world but universally. The very charter of the UN subtly implies that such goals are the way forward.

Secular Arab governments have therefore not fallen due to their lack of popularity but they have fallen due to political and military aggression from Israel, monetary blackmail and terrorism funded from and by Saudi Arabia and a combination of all of the above from the United States and her European allies. Useful idiots in the west who claim that groups like the obscurantist and terroristic Muslim Brotherhood represent majoritarian public opinion in secular Arab states are simply worse than useful idiots: they are lying, dangerous idiots.

This is why Syria is a country that Israel and Saudi Arabia are both interested in destroying. Both countries have indeed invested time and money into destroying Syria and thus far they have not been successful.

Syria is the last secular Arab Ba’athist state in the world. Unlike in Israel, minorities have full constitutional rights and unlike in Saudi Arabia, all religions are tolerated. In Syria, women can act, speak and dress as they wish.

Syria’s independence has in the past thwarted Israel’s ambition to annex Lebanon, Iraq, Jordan, Egypt and additional parts of Syria itself (Israel still occupies Syria’s Golan Heights). Syria has also been a true ally of the oppressed Palestinians living under Israeli occupation.

Likewise, Syria has hurt Saudi Arabia and fellow backward Gulf state Qatar’s ambitions to expand their petro-empires. Qatar remains desirous to construct a pipeline running through Syria, something Qatar wants done on its terms and its terms alone.

Furthermore, since Saudi Arabia has little to offer the world in terms of culture, Saudi attempts to control and colonise their more educated and worldly Levantine Arabs is done through a combination of bribery and through the use of Salafist terrorist proxies such as ISIS and al-Qaeda.

There is also a psychological element to the mutual warfare which Saudi Arabia and Israel have waged on secular states like Syria.

So long as Syria exists, Saudi Arabia cannot say that there is no alternative to its backward style of  government in the Arab world. Of course, others like Iraq, Lebanon and Egypt are secular states (Iraq less so now than at any time since independence), but these states have been wholly compromised through war and in the case of Egypt through political malaise.

Syria remains strongly independent and refuses to surrender its values.

Both countries also seek to destroy Iran. Iran unlike Saudi Arabia and Israel, practices an ethical foreign policy. Far from wanting to export its Islamic Revolution, Iran has been a staunch ally to secular Syria and has been at the forefront of the fight against Salafist terrorism like ISIS and al-Qaeda.

Iran has also taken a principle stance on Palestine, whilst most Arab states with the exception of Syria, have long ago given up on the Palestinian cause.

Israel and Saudi Arabia have superficial differences in foreign policy, but their main goals are exactly the same. Both seek to retard the progress of the Arab world and to taint Islam as something it is not.

Saudi Arabia and Israel both want non-Muslims to think of Islam as something representing bombs, female enslavement, physical mutilation and barbarity. Syria has shown the world that real Islam looks a lot like Christianity and frankly a lot more like Christianity than atheistic Europe does in 2017.

Saudi Arabia and Israel are allies in the material and psychological war against secular, modern Arab countries. It is a war which the United States has been fighting on behalf of Riyadh and Tel Aviv for decades.



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  1. ian says:

    Yes it’s handy when Saudi Arabia has the same interests as you, just another arm of the Zionist Israeli US army but one that buys weapons from you too. No doubt most of the elite will have fingers in the arms sale groups.

  2. Bigmoo says:

    Although the modern day political landscape allows for a certain understanding of the geopolitical dynamic. The ties between Israhell and The Headchoppers is much deeper and resonate.

    A tribal context needs to be applied to better understand their cosy love-in.

    Al Saud (not the decent Saudi Muslims) are thought to have their modern day roots in good ole’ Mesopotamia or as we know it Iraq (more specifically Basra). They were wealthy Jooish merchants. Therefore by definition Joos.

    However, that in itself goes a little way to understand their relationship. Moreover as crypto joos – just who are they?

    Edomites. The Edomites are to be found throughout the plane (t). Known by some as Khazars, sometimes as Ashkenazi. Edom was at the lower portion beneath the Dead Sea beside Nabatu or Nabatea (Jordan). Next to Saudi Arabia in todays money.

    Having travelled all along North Africa into Andalus and round the other way into Anatolia and Syria. The Edomites or (whomever) they are ended up all over.

    That said, perhaps Revelations 2:9 best describes who they are. I aint no Christian but can best understand the present through scriptural text. The relationship between Israhell and The Headchoppers are easily summarised as fake joos.

    As always peace and blessings to all good men.

    • ian says:

      Couldn’t have put it better Bigmoo. It is a relationship that is kept hidden by the MSM.

    • Gordon says:

      Interesting correlation and observation between scripture and genealogy of the Edomites and Jews.

      In addition, and by no means detracting from your accurate testimony,
      Gen_36:1 Now these are the generations of Esau, who is Edom.
      Gen_36:8 Thus dwelt Esau in mount Seir: Esau is Edom.
      Jos_15:1 This then was the lot of the tribe of the children of Judah by their families; even to the border of Edom the wilderness of Zin southward was the uttermost part of the south coast.

      Note that the Edomites lived in the “wilderness of Zin”. Zin is Sin and the Wilderness of Sin is the Wilderness of Siani. True Siani being in what we call Saudi Arabia today where in former days the inhabitants were called Sinners. – Now there’s food for thought.

      Likewise, Palestines (Palestinians) are the Philistines of former years.

      All things aside, one can see the deep systemic hatred one has for the other throughout countless generations.

      Nice one Bigmoo! Now there’s a name!

  3. archer says:

    Syria – secular, tolerant and modern…?

    Try telling that to the political and religious prisoners imprisoned by Assad and his old man over the years; hell – didn’t the UK and US even render suspects to his gulags?

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