Ella interviewed by Nathan Stolpman


The case is getting hot, says Ella, with a lot of coverage growing around the world, with more and more people paying attention to it.  Ricky Dearman is organising a mass of trolling, mocking people who comment.  Brutally beaten and raped children usually develop arrested personality, and Ricky Dearman shows signs of gross immaturity as of such a person, says Ella.

Ella is in the middle of a conversation with the social services.  The judgement of Pauffley was fraudulent, basing her judgement on non-investigation, and a cover-up.  It should be a case for the criminal courts, not the civil courts.  The story is being blanked to UK audiences.

The longer they keep the children, the story just gets bigger, says Ella.  It’s going to backfire on them.

Ella can tell from the Social Worker she’s talking to, that Ricky Dearman is still seeing the children, although the Social Worker refuses to say whether he is seeing them or not.  The court was initially planning to give the children to the father, but this hasn’t happened.  Although he still has access.  Nathan says, in his view, Ricky Dearman’s attitude doesn’t seem like he’s seeing the kids.

Ella can’t reveal her whereabouts.  The threat level is still high to her safety.  The system is still very wound up about this case.

Her gofundme is being closed down, cutting off her funds.  Nathan will fund her if he gets any donations.  She needs to get an attorney in the UK to act for her.  Any volunteers?

Ella was never married to Ricky Dearman.  She was known as Draper before, a married name, but she changed her name to her maiden name Gareeva.

She met Ricky end of 2004.  She was a teacher of yoga in a studio.  He asked for a private session.  They went out a few times.  She broke off with him.  He approached her again, presenting himself as a photographer, having an Exhibition.  She became pregnant.  The relationship was going wrong even before Alisa was born.  Once Gabriel was born, the relationship broke, but he kept seeing the children.

Ella thinks he might have chosen her as she was naive, and had no idea about cults in the UK.  Also the particular genetics might have been a choice.

She imagines Satanic cults exist in Russia but not to the extent as it is in the UK, US and Europe.

May 2007 there was a report of domestic violence.  A common occurrence.  It was his agenda to take the children alone, so he planned ways to upset Ella deliberately.  She once refused to let the children go to a party, and he went crazy, swinging her by the neck, knee on her neck on the floor – as if he was going to kill her.  He was arrested, put on bail, and kept away from the house.  The children usually came home from him out of their heads, screaming and shouting, and in a terrible condition.

Ella didn’t realise the court was corrupt and that Dearman had some ties there.  Children witnessed the violence being done to Ella.  Abuse happened in pre-school years.   Sadistic rape and snuff movies watched.  Children were raped, forced to watch each other being raped.  At 3,4,5 years old.

Since the children were two, he had contact with the children, and Ella agreed. Only one or two hours.  They were a little bit disturbed.  But she couldn’t assess that that was associated with him.  Then she cut those contacts.  In 2010 she applied for a non-molestation order.

More details given.  During the school years, he wasn’t meant to be seeing the children, but he was seeing them everyday.

She talks about hemp seed nutrition as a way to do de-programming.  The programming is hard to break.  It took a while for the kids to start telling the story of what happened to them.  The kids were put onto hemp seed nutrition.  Ella describes the role of hemp seed oil in her children’s ability to tell their story.  You need to squeeze it fresh.  Abraham put her onto it.  She tells the story of how she met Abraham at a party, and the hemp seed explanation, and how it works on the brain, restructuring and enabling the brain to repair itself.  The hemp creates new neuro pathways which bypass the extreme trauma which blocks the original neuro pathways.

Get the raw hemp seeds in their shell.  The oils lose the best of the essential fatty acids, which go rancid immediately they are exposed to air, which are actually counter productive. It’s far better to get the seeds and mill them, not buy the oils.  You can juice hemp as well.

Ella knew the kids were disturbed from their behaviour (she describes various things that were happening), but she had no idea where the disturbance of their minds was coming from.  She never suspected it was coming out of their school.  Judge Pauffley dismissed the symptoms observed in the children as nothing possibly to do with sexual abuse, saying such a suggestion was ludicrous.  The judge (Pauffley) goes on about the cannabis (i.e. the hemp) and says that Ella was administering illegal drugs to her children.

Nathan says he has had a lot of undue attention since dealing with the Hampstead case.  People approaching him,  one pretending to be his girlfriend.  Then the person approached others involved.   He’s had interference over a period, but a lot more stuff since he’s been working on The Hampstead case.  Discrediting.  Destroying of reputation.  Working to lose people their jobs.  Following people.  Taking pictures of them.  Harassing them.  Trying to make other people afraid of the target.  Making sure people can’t make money.  It’s called ‘disrupt and destroy’.  Honey traps.  Email to colleagues, friends suggesting bad stuff about Nathan.

TAP – I often get emails that don’t get through – usually important ones.  Luckily I tend to call quite often so I can tell when they’re intercepting.  Harassment can take many forms.









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