CORRECT: Manchester Bomber Linked to British-Backed Terror Group in Libya

21st Century Wire says…

Sometimes, you just don’t want to be right.

Yesterday, 21WIRE asked if it was possible that the Manchester attacker was trained by British officials in Syria. This assertion was firmly based in fact, as while the attacker seemingly dropped off the radar the British was training an army of “moderate” terrorists in Syria.

Today, that assertion was proven to be, somewhat, correct. Abedi’s father has now been revealed as an ex-Libyan Islamic Fighting Group members, an anti-Gadaffi al-Qaeda group that was supported by British foreign intelligence agency MI6. Manchester is known to be home to many ex-LIFG fighters including Abd al-Baset Azzouz, an individual reported to be an expert bomb-maker.

This and many more details on this developing story are covered in the following video:

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