CHEMTRAILS Exposed on Discovery Channel


Could our government really be spreading toxic chemicals through our air? Believe it or not-it’s true; even Discovery Channel has reported on them.

Not only are these chemtrails dropping toxins on the people and the Earth, that reeks havoc on the body and environment, they have a greater purpose. The government, under control of the ‘deep state’, is hazing the skies so the sun cannot shine through, thus making it colder outside. They are trying to kill the crops to put the farmers out of business!


They want you to eat Their GMO food and drink Their tainted water

As soon as you see blue skies, be sure to LOOK UP because soon the planes will be criss-crossing to haze the skies.

READ MORE: Deadly Epidemic of Vitamin D Deficiency Caused by Chemtrails/Geoengineering 

Have you noticed….The sun don’t shine like it use too!!



Deadly Epidemic of Vitamin D Deficiency Caused by Geoengineering

This article by Dane Wigington was originally published by

Climate engineering is mathematically the greatest single assault against all life ever launched by the human race. The ongoing catastrophic effects of the global atmospheric spraying and radio frequency transmissions related to geoengineering programs are so massive in scope and scale that the overall destruction and death they are inflicting is impossible to quantify.

Many deadly effects of the solar radiation management operations are completely overlooked, epidemic Vitamin D deficiency is in this category.

Vitamin D deficiency is linked to a very long and growing list of human degenerative disease. Immune system degeneration, neurological system disorders, cancer, arthritis, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, obesity, cardiovascular disease, kidney failure, and even reproductive system disorders, the list goes on and on.

The paradox is this, though our bodies manufacture vitamin D from sunlight exposure, now we have altered light from the sun due to the light scattering particles that are saturating our atmosphere from solar radiation management. There are no existing studies to address this issue since the ongoing climate engineering insanity is being officially denied.

Next, since Earth’s protective atmosphere is being torn apart from multiple aspects of climate engineering (sprayed ozone destroying particles and RF heating of the atmosphere), the UV radiation we are all now exposed to is at extremely dangerous levels making exposure to the sun a health threat. In addition, the extremely high UV levels may actually cause the body to shut down vitamin D production.

The 12 minute video below has very important and on target data that directly addresses the vitamin D deficiency issue and the role of climate engineering in this equation. It is well worth the time to view.

What can we do? Join the fight to expose and halt climate engineer, this is the battle we must win and it will take all of us.



12 Responses to “CHEMTRAILS Exposed on Discovery Channel”

  1. ian says:

    I attempted to post on the moon landing video, it wouldn’t post. It contains no swearing or words that could be considered offensive. I copied it and tried to paste it on here, no go. hence my testing post above.

  2. ian says:

    To see the Discovery channel admitting this is surprising to me. Both National geographic and the Myth busters did a hit job on Thermate being capable of being used effectively as a cutting charge, both used half a tonne or so. Then a video appeared on utube of a guy cutting up girders for fun with a few ounces in his back yard.

  3. ian says:

    We get hammered by chemtrails in SW Scotland regularly. I can’t afford to do it but I’m sure if I could it would show up in rainwater tests. It’s sometimes odd too that they’ll throw up a big heavy train on it’s own. That can’t be for weather modification. What’s in that.?

  4. Bigmoo says:

    Variation of a theme. You say issues in SW Scotland with trails. On a geo-engineering theme – I live in SE Scotland. Its been drier here for a few years now (not like Mojave) but noticeably drier than the rest of my 40 something life. Peace to you.

    • ian says:

      Yes Bigmoo, I have noticed weather changes too, I however think that there is more to these chemtrails than weather manipulation. By putting metals into the upper atmosphere it affects radio waves and microwave energy from the likes of HAARP, and I feel that Global warming is a hoax, or more is being exploited for ulterior motives. If they were doing something for the good of mankind, we would be told about it. Even the weather people don’t mention it. Areas of the US have apparently been sprayed with Lithium, mould spores and even contaminated blood. The fact that Monsanto hold the patents on Aluminium resistant seeds is a worrying aspect. Will they just keep spraying aluminium until nothing will grow except Monsanto’s Frankenfood. Who knows. Peace to you too my friend.

  5. ian says:

    This video is the reason I can’t see why Discovery is admitting these facts. Nat Geo and Myth busters did their utmost to disprove that thermite could cut steel………

  6. Angela says:

    The weather people/meteorologists will lose their jobs if they dare mention the obvious chemtrail skies overhead, and been told they would never work again in weather. I was recently in Greece and they are spraying there too. In the movie The Martian I noticed chemtrails in the sky above Matt Damon?. It was filmed in southern Jordan where nothing grows so why there?
    When you’ve been watching the skies eventually you can tell the difference between a normal puffy cloud and those white streaks that turn into haze.

  7. ShannahS says:

    Tulsa, ok – overrun by trails covering the sky… have a know-it-all air traffic controller quote friend who insist that it is only ice particles etcetera etcetera all the BS we all hear.

  8. ShannahS says:

    Weather in Oklahoma is already bizarre to say the least but have noticed any cute shift and weather changes including temperature changing up to 35 to 40 degrees within a 24-hour span. They’re blocking out the Sun. Had a beautiful bright blue clear sky all weekend. I wake up this morning to X’s all over the sky in already beginning to see the dissipation that remain all day sometimes Into the Night

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