Boston Herald calls for government-run execution squads to MASS MURDER naturopaths, scientists and journalists who oppose mercury in immunizations

Image: Boston Herald calls for government-run execution squads to MASS MURDER naturopaths, scientists and journalists who oppose mercury in immunizations

(Natural News) In the latest lunatic, insane example of “vaccine rage” now being pushed by the criminal vaccine industry and its corporate-run media prostitutes, the Boston Herald’s entire editorial staff has openly called for what are essentially government-run execution squads to mass murder scientists, naturopaths, chiropractors and journalists who question the safety of injecting children with mercury, a brain-damaging toxin still found in flu shot vaccines administered to children and expectant mothers.

Expressing any concern at all about the toxic, brain-damaging ingredients in vaccines “ought to be a hanging offense,” says the entire Boston Herald editorial staff in this shockingly violent article which espouses the murder of naturopathic physicians and scientists such as myself. According to the Boston herald, we should all be hanged to death after being identified and rounded up.

UPDATE: Health Choice Massachusetts has announced a RALLY in front of the Boston Herald this Thursday, May 18th, at 11:00 am. Click here for details on the rally. Alert all your friends in Boston to attend this rally for health freedom at 70 Fargo St, Boston, MA 02110.

It is precisely this kind of genocidal, “journo-terrorism” rhetoric that typifies the vaccine industry, which revels in the mass murder of black babies who are disproportionately impacted by vaccine-autism risks, according to the CDC’s own scientist Dr. William Thompson.

“In what can only be described as irresponsible and dangerous hate speech, someone from the editorial staff at the Boston Herald suggested, in an article published on their site on Monday, that ANYONE suggesting people research vaccines and their safety, or caution others about them, should be …HANGED TO DEATH,” reports Health Nut News.

With their call for the mass murder of naturopaths, journalists and scientists, the Boston Herald demonstrates the dangerous mental illness that’s actually caused by vaccines themselves — I’ve dubbed this brain damage disease “Vaccine Rage” — due to the continued use of brain-damaging metals like aluminum and mercury in vaccines, which the CDC confirms are deliberately formulated into vaccines injected into children. Thanks for the effects of Vaccine Rage, the Boston Herald’s editorial staff has now devolved into a murderous nest of domestic terrorists who are openly an unabashedly calling for the government to run execution squads that target the very people seeking to protect children from vaccine violence.

Natural News has already contacted the Boston Police and will soon be filing a detailed criminal complaint with the Boston FBI.

Vaccine Rage is a new mental disorder among vaccine violence victims who seek to murder anyone who isn’t vaccinated

What the Boston Herald lunatics are demonstrating is a serious mental disorder that I’ve dubbed “Vaccine Rage.” This disorder describes individuals who have been victims of vaccine violence — literally brain-damaged by mercury, aluminum and formaldehyde — who then seek to commit acts of terrorism and violence against anyone who hasn’t been damaged yet by vaccines. This zombie-like behavior is actually a mental illness epidemicbecause it spreads from one person to another as people are forced to be vaccinated, causing them to suffer from the same Vaccine Rage that their friends display.

Victims of vaccine violence become enraged because of the effect that heavy metals exhibit on human neurology. The scientific literature provides overwhelming evidence that heavy metals are not just linked to violence but also to autism. For example, a study published in Biological Trace Element Research summarized in this Science Daily articlereveals that toxic metals are linked to a significantly higher incidence of autism in children. Another scientific study published in Environment International reveals that childhood exposure to lead dust causes extreme violence — including aggravated assault — decades later.

Boston Herald’s editors are very likely mentally deranged precisely because of their exposure to heavy metals in the very same vaccines they now insist should be injected into everyone else, thereby spreading their mental illness and violence to an ever- larger population. This pattern is typically described as a “Zombie infestation of vaccine violence.” It’s so prevalent in our deranged, pharma-dominated society that I actually released a song and music video several years ago entitled, “Vaccine Zombie.”

Boston Herald editors echo genocide of the Third Reich

What the Boston Herald editors are too brain damaged to fully realize is just how closely their call for the mass execution of scientists, naturopaths and journalists resembles theeugenics purge of the Third Reich. It’s all rooted in echoes of Nazi Germany and the government-run extermination of six million Jews, whom the Third Reich’s elite decided were an impediment to the aims and goals of their murderous regime (an idea the Boston Herald clearly agrees with).

Now, the Boston Herald believes that naturopathic physicians, scientists and journalists who are too intelligent to be brainwashed by the vaccine industry’s criminal deceptions and toxic ingredients should be rounded up by the government and put to death. Perhaps the Boston Herald believes railroad cars would be the best way to transport informed vaccine skeptics to the hanging gallows?

Vaccines are deadly; measles kills almost no one

I have news for the entire Boston Herald editorial staff: Far more U.S. children are killed by vaccines every year than are killed by measles, which has killed almost no one in decades. The actual death rate from measles is nearly zero in our modern world, even according to the medical establishment.

Vaccines, however, are maiming, injuring or killing tens of thousands of U.S. children each year. The U.S. government, in fact, just released its payouts for vaccine injury for FY 2017 (so far), and it’s a whopping $159 million in damages (and growing by the day). See the government’s financial disclosure at this link (PDF). The number of children seriously injured by vaccines so far in 2017 alone is likely well over 60,000 and growing. That number is almost certain to exceed 100,000 children by the end of the fiscal year.

Apparently, this number is not large enough for the deranged Boston Herald vaccine terrorists, who would like to see several hundred thousand children maimed, injured or killed by vaccines by making sure the government executes anyone who might seek to reduce vaccine injury and protect the lives of innocent children. Boston Herald editors probably also believe that global warming “deniers” should also be imprisoned or executed, because they are totalitarian fascists suffering from mental derangement and a tendency toward violence.

I am filing an official complaint with the Boston FBI to investigate the Boston Herald’s call for mass murder against vaccine skeptics. In publishing their call for the murder of people such as myself, the Boston Herald is clearly engaged in criminal intimidation and calls for deadly violence against the very heroes of our nation who should be celebrated for blowing the whistle on the criminal vaccine industry. Boston Herald editors have just decided they are going to support vaccine terrorism against their fellow Americans while no doubt applauding the “killing fields” if holistic doctors and evidence-based scientists start to be murdered en masse. It is my belief that these individuals at the Boston Herald need to be arrested and held for psychiatric evaluation, where perhaps their mental derangement can be identified and treated with aggressive chemical medications.

Watch Natural News for more action-oriented announcements where you can join in the effort to call for the arrest and imprisonment of the entire Boston Herald editorial staff. Barring that, I have a plan to publish the home addresses of each editor at the Boston Herald in the interests of public safety, to alert neighborhoods to the presence of psychotic, dangerous journo-terrorists who might be living near them (see below for details).

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  1. ian says:

    Was it Louis Pasteur who first noticed that milk maids never got smallpox because the very mild disease cow pox gave them immunity?. It should have ended there. Since then, vaccines have caused outbreaks of diseases as the diseases were dying anyway due to better conditions. There was recently an article possibly here on the Tap’ that claimed that the 1918 Spanish flu was caused by vaccines. Amish and other non vaccinated children are healthier in every way. When Merk, Pfizer and other big Pharma’ companies can and do donate millions in bribes to politicians and political parties, and incidentally reporters, Vaccinations are not going away any time soon.

  2. Bigmoo says:

    Indeed Pasteur did realise the correlation. However he is from the same team as Einstein. Rather than helping. He pasteurized the milk thus killing all the goodness it contained. Inversion and fraud. Nobel prize. As a freimaison he would be recognised for the harm rather than good. Check the list of famous FMs. It might give goid context. Again, peace to you.

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