4 Responses to “BBC Nicky Campbell: ‘People Who Question 9/11 & 7/7 Are Incapable Of Critical Thinking’”

  1. Bigmoo says:

    From a man who works for known paeedos and liars and can count Jimny Sa.vile as his peer group of DJs.

  2. Bigmoo says:

    Rich Allen presents evidence that relates to 7/7 on this short clip. Approximately the 2nd half of it. It is a live ITN interview with an individual who went to great lengths to explain that 7/7 was a crisis management drill with thousands of actors/extras. It then inexplicably went live (yeah right). Absolute dynamite (pardon the pun). It gives a clear perspective on the events that day and further evidence that these events are gladio/hoaxes/bollucks. Worth a listen.

  3. archer says:

    Critical thinking? That’s rich, coming from this BBC lackey – if you put his brains in a hazelnut, it would still rattle.

    The above clip is complete ‘double-speak’; interesting to note that the rozzer has heard conspiracy theories, ‘many times’… perhaps that’s because alternative viewpoints are actually quite plausible?

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