AV8 this weekend. Day tickets still available.

AV8 – Event Schedule
Day Tickets are available for SATURDAY & SUNDAY
Friday 19th May 2017

(AV8 Residents Only – Sold Out)
From 2pm – Hotel Check-in Opens
From 5pm – AV8 Conference Registration Desk Opens
8pm (Prompt) – AV8 Gala Dinner
9.00am : Introduction & Notices
10.30am : Break
12.15pm : Lunch
2.45pm : Break
4.30pm : Break
6.15pm : Dinner
8.45pm : Comfort Break
10.15pm : Conference Closes
9.00am : Introduction & Notices
10.30am : Break
12.15pm : Lunch
2.45pm : Break
4.30pm : Break
5.00pm : – Thomas Sheridan  –  The Purgatory Mill
6.15pm:  – Dinner
7.30pm : Open Mic
9.30pm : Conference Closes
Monday 22nd May 2017
(AV8 Residents Only – Sold Out)
10.15am : Speaker Forum – All Speakers
11.00am : Various Speaker Workshops (to be listed at the Event)
1.00pm : Lunch
2.00pm  : Various Speaker Workshops (to be listed at the Event)

4.00pm : Conference Closes

Alternative View Conferences are the only events of this genre where ALL participants are under the same roof for the duration of the event; and where all the speakers are available for informal conversation throughout the event.

Networking and Sharing are incredibly important elements of the AV experience. Consequently, ample opportunity is provided for informal discussion. There is a minimum of a 30min Tea/Coffee break between every presentation.

Lunch: (included with your Day Ticket) is buffet style, with vegetarian, vegan and even raw foodies being catered for.

If you have read this far through this Email, you have the opportunity to purchase a SUPER EARLY BIRD TICKET for AV9 (4th – 7th May 2018). There are only 25 of these tickets available at £100. AV9 Earlybird Tickets will be available at AV8 for £120. After AV8, all AV9 tickets will be available at the full price of £150.

PAYMENT: As with all AV Conferences, the only up-front cost is the actual Conference Ticket. The Hotel Reservation Information will be forwarded along with confirmation of your AV8 Ticket purchase. The FULL BOARD Hotel Accommodation will not be billed until you check out at the end of the event.

Details of AV9 Accommodation costs and options are available HERE.


Scenes from AV7 

Thanks for your good wishes, Tap … and thank you for your continued support (I contribute a small amount to Crane’s efforts each month – Tap) … it is very much appreciated……..

Keep pumping out the Tap Blog … the Alternative Media has never been more important than it is right now!

All the best,


Tap – being in the Philippines, I can’t make AV8 which is a shame.    Our trip abroad each year coincides with Ian’s conferences.  Maybe someone there can send in a report or two.


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