Thomas Has An Issue With Christians.

Make sure you have your tolerant head screwed on! My Turk biz partner is a non alcohol consuming praying Muslim. His wife doesn’t do head-scarfs and he buys me wine at dinner, so easy going, but I might wait to catch him in a relaxed mood before sharing this with him. Don’t tell him, but Thomas made me laugh. I do enjoy politically incorrect moments.

My Issue with Christians.

“The Middle East produces nothing but goats, circumcision and cults that are intolerant… your religion is alien to my culture and my people…”


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  1. RabbiT says:

    Interesting find NPP and I took the bait.
    Sadly I likewise find the majority of Christians to be as bigoted as Tommy, it being the norm these days. For those who are not equipped to see through this rant for what it is, a pile of shite, I will attempt to offer the benefit of my experience:
    The first issue is with “the evangelical nature” which I am going to have to assume refers to evangelise (the verb) rather than evangelical (the noun).
    To evangelise would commonly be considered as to convert or seek to convert someone.
    As an educated Christian I can advise that this is itself a myth and likely a misunderstanding. One cannot in fact be converted to Christianity by other Christians. The role of a Christian is to spread the Gospel that being to reveal the existence of the Gospel to others. If people have no awareness of the existence of the Gospel then they cannot know of such. The converting is in fact done by the Almighty Himself: “You did not choose me but I chose you”. John 15. 16
    I do however sympathise with Tommy in that the modern day Laodicean church is pretty much a pile of shite and has no idea of what it is doing. I submit therefore Tommy has issues with the church that God Himself has issues with and likewise rejects.
    Tommy has closed his mind to any alternative which makes him a bigot. Let’s say Tommy was injured in an accident and is lying at the side or the road in need of medical attention. If a doctor were to pass and seek to provide aid should he take the view: “Don’t you dare…it’s none of your business”.
    In a similar vein if the so called elite take the view they want to reduce world population to 500M as part of their religion is it none of our business to dare to challenge such?
    The Christian is obliged to share the gospel so that when people like Tommy hold it in such contempt there can be no question with regard to the separating of the wheat from the chaff.
    I do share his being bothered by the ignorance and lack of education of the vast majority of Christians but again this is the age of the Laodicean church a church which God Himself will reject.
    A true Christian should not seek to “put down” any “people” but should expose darkness, which is the point of the light of life (John 15.19).
    On festivals I celebrate neither and to be honest all that has happened is a melding of the nativity and resurrection with pre-existing festivals suggesting to me a progression rather than regression.
    If most people don’t like Christianity then this confirms Christ’s words: Mark 13.13 etc. however there has been a very strong tradition over the last 2000 years this dislike coming surprisingly recently just like all the other Satanic material.
    “Chopping the top off your penis” is not Christian but Jewish.
    “Suppression of women” in Christianity is about roles not suppression as Tommy lies about – “Husbands love your wives…” Ephesians 5.25 etc.
    Christianity arose in the Middle East but is not as Tommy claims. To say such is basically a solar cult demonstrates his total ignorance and complete indifference. Christianity is a way of life based upon the New Testament which accepts the Old Testament as having value and significance, changes being applied due to the development of mankind.
    To suggest Christianity is not compatible with European culture is a bare faced lie European culture being based upon Christianity. The EU is not, granted.
    The existence of an Almighty has not been “imposed upon us” but has been revealed to us. Tommy must have had a bad experience with a Catholic Priest as a boy or something to come out with this. I don’t disagree that the faith is misused as a control system but nothing in the New Testament suggests that should be the case with the exception of obeying government (when government is good) as the Bible is clear not to obey when such is bad.
    He speaks of “One King on Earth” so clearly his beef is not with Christianity but with Roman Catholicism which is of the Devil, we know that…People make life miserable, the Gospel does not but I am up to debate this.
    Think I can sum up the rest quite quickly: Islam is a false and controlling religion. JW’s are a control cult but mostly based upon the Bible, Mormonism is a Masonic control cult but based on false teaching from books with no credibility.
    While I might not agree with the actions of the woman referred to I will say as I said to Henry before, the truth is not a pick and mix. You can chose what colour you want the walls in your living room but to think it is ok to choose what religion or belief system you want without consequence is a form of deceit. There is only one truth. And sadly in the last church I joined I am only certain of one member being in heaven and it was through him I became a member – subsequently ostracised for performing divine manifestation.
    Catholic teaching here is in error – to say “I am not worthy to receive you” is to undermine the truth. This is based on John the Baptist’s statement he is not worthy to tie Christ’s sandals however we are worthy to receive Christ as He came for the unworthy to make them worthy of what God has planned for them.
    Christianity does not teach children they are shit and trash but these are the words of a bigot damaged by Roman Catholicism.
    Jesus was not a “bastard son” but was born of a virgin by the Holy Spirit. Mary was simply a good woman whom Tommy wants to defame.
    To say Jesus Christ never existed he is a fictional character demonstrates this man’s ignorance of facts. The person of Jesus has a huge documentary of evidence supporting Him perhaps more so than any other human being in history which is why we once had a church on almost every street corner…
    I will be very happy to leave Tommy alone if he eats his own words and “minds his own business”.
    His support of Jews and Kabbalah kind of gives it away. It’s ok they have a relationship with their God…Does this include the Talmud? Sex with 3 year olds and all that? “The bad stuff and the good stuff”. “They’re not evangelical”. They don’t have to be – thru the Synagogue’s they run the world. I’ll pull out now he’s on about Hare Krishna’s…

  2. RabbiT says:

    My lengthy comment is awaiting moderation…

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