“This is the first generation of kids that are not expected to outlive their parents.”

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The Truth About Vaccines Docu-series – Episode 1

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FROM: G. Edward Griffin
Subject: The trouble with vaccinations?

It’s heart-wrenching when I hear this statistic…

“This is the first generation of kids that are not expected to outlive their parents.”

Despite all our medical advancements… despite all the money and all the research and all the science, chronic illness and disease are rising every year.


Asthma, childhood diabetes, food allergies, digestive disorders, developmental delays, ADHD, autism, eczema, epilepsy, Alzheimers, brain damage, etc… all of these rates are rising.

Simultaneously, the government-required vaccine schedule for children has increased from 5 doses in 1960 to 24 doses in 1983 to 69 doses in 2016.

The US now gives three times more childhood vaccines than most developed countries, yet we have some of the highest rates of childhood issues NOT seen in other countries.

And so we have questions.

Are vaccines to blame?  What are the risks we’re not being told about?  Where are the safety studies on the combined doses of all these vaccines?  What are our alternatives to stay healthy and prevent disease?

The Truth About Vaccines is a documentary series that delivers the facts needed to understand this heated debate.


I’ve been talking about this series a lot lately, and it’s airing right now.

Over 60 health experts, researchers, and activists have contributed to make this the largest documentary of its kind ever released on the topic of vaccines.

If you’ve missed it so far, you owe it to yourself (especially if you have a young family!) to watch this.

Click here to watch all the remaining episodes for free. You’ll be amazed at what you see.

G. Edward Griffin


4 Responses to ““This is the first generation of kids that are not expected to outlive their parents.””

  1. RabbiT says:

    Perhaps I have picked up NPP wrong but I got the impression we need shamanic drumming to cure all mankind’s woes? That is the current snake oil salesmen we need or am I wrong?

    Forgive me I just get so p’d off with the NWO New Age mentality of becoming barbaric cavemen where summoning up the spirits of the dead is where we should be today. Bollocks to that!

    Rant over I was wondering how the Jews got Hitler to invade Poland and set about WW2 and downloaded the following read should you be interested and have time:


    Perhaps it’s the effect of the Chemtrails but did I share I had asked a young woman this week if she knew of Bruce Reynolds? No. Fair enough. Had she heard of Ronnie Biggs? No. Not so good. Had she heard of the Great Train Robbery? No.

    Talk about being dumbed down. How the masses can be uneducated in just one generation…

  2. NPP says:

    Perhaps I was vague. I meant does this link work?

    Usually Ty Bollinger makes the episodes free for those who have signed up, yet this seems to still be working for everyone. The information is useful and freely available, for now. Ty has his faith, family and thankfully for us has spent years doing the leg work.
    This is material my taxpayer funded national broadcasting service could be serving up; they have the budget. Ty widens the conversation and offers a wider range of options for us to consider. This information is largely available online, but Ty pulls it together in his films.

    Whether Adam’s Rib, Darwin’s theory or however we came to be, it is crackers that the human body has fallen short over millenia of adaption to now require regular injection with chemical formula rather than be nurtured by clean food, water and knowledge of how thoughts can affect health maintenance. Perhaps there are appropriate occasions for vaccination, may be Ty will inform when, but to say the least it has gotten out of hand; especially with .babies and children.

    The treatment by the UK establishment of Dr. Andrew Wakefield is shameful and merely illustrates fear of some home truths and financial interest in the vaccine business.

  3. danceaway says:

    Thank you so much for posting this invaluable information, as even if one is registered the link goes down after 24 hours when the next episode is posted, and if there is a time difference, it is easy to miss the 24 hour availability slot. So I was grateful for you putting this up, as otherwise I would have missed it. As you say, the information is out there, but to have it all tied together in one place is such a bonus, and somehow has a greater impact. I am sure it would be greatly appreciated if you could continue to post the episodes.

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