The Russia/America show. Are both sides laying on theatre?

Nathan Stolpman’s main theme is ‘nothing is real’, but all is some kind of psyop. He analyses footage from news reports and points out things that others miss.  All is designed to keep fear at the max, and stop people from feeling happy and contented.  He looked at the pictures of the bombed airfield near Homs and couldn’t see much damage.  Even the Russian pictures looked doctored exaggerating the damage in a not very convincing way.

Lavrov states that America is creating a virtual reality which more or less agrees with what Nathan is saying.  Communications technology (the internet) as well as TV is being used to create a false reality.  He’s not buying it.

Russia and America in his view are creating a scenario of massive threat from each other, just like in the old days of the Cold war. except this time, they can produce false news on a daily or even hourly basis, using modern technology.  In the old days the same game was going on, but the plots unfolded more slowly.

Perhaps Nathan is right.  Thinking about it,  Trump needs to look like the strong man so lays on theatre to those ends.  Putin’s in exactly the same position.  Trump wants it to look like he’s attacking Putin.  Putin also wants it to look like Trump is attacking Putin.  The reality of the weapons systems and how they work in practice is left to the military.  American intelligence claimed they tipped off the Russians an attack was coming in at Homs airfield, although this was later denied.  North Korea is always used to create nuclear terror theatre.  All the usual stuff is being played.



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