Downing Street rodent aims to get millions of Syrians butchered and raped

It’s the head choppers that use the chemical weapons in Syria, not Assad. The head choppers continue to be supported by Theresa May, the Downing Street Rodent, and Boris the Buffoon. When the last of the terrorists left East Aleppo, western journalists were able to interview the locals. All the fairy tales about the White Helmets was exposed for the nonsense that it was. British MPs, basking in the lies of the Times and the Economist, continue to be completely ignorant of what is going on in Syria. Tom Brake MP, who knows nothing, calls for Mrs Assad to have her UK passport withdrawn.


He obviously has not done the due diligence on the Khan Sheikhoun incident. Mrs Assad, who is a very brave lady, knows Syria far better than the Westminster Weasel. Mr Brake, who is no doubt under orders from somewhere (Vauxhall Cross) ignores the fact that if Assad falls, large numbers of non-Sunnis, including Christians, will be butchered or raped.

From Gordon Logan.  Rest added by Tap.


Jeremy Corbyn met Syrian leader Assad and slammed Israeli meddling in US politics

JEREMY Corbyn met Syrian despot Bashar al-Assad on a trip funded by a pro-Palestine lobby group who this week organised an event at which Jews were blamed for the Holocaust.

Assad CorbynGETTY

Jeremy Corbyn met President Bashar al-Assad at an event by pro-Palestine group

The Labour leader praised Assad for housing half a million Palestinian refugees and appeared to allege Israel meddled in American politics.During the trip, which cost £1,300 according to Mr Corbyn’s own Register of Members’ Financial Interests, the left wing politician said: “Once again the Israeli tail wags the US dog.”
The British-based Palestinian Return Centre (PRC) hosted the event, a group which four days ago courted controversy by organising a House of Lords event demanding Britain apologise for a pledge made by Arthur Balfour in 1917 which supported the establishment of a Jewish state.Israel has claimed that the organisation is affiliated to Hamas, a designated terrorist group, but the PRC says it denounces antisemitism.Politicians on the trip met President Assad, who is (TAP – allegedly – repeated uncritically by Daily Mail and all other mainstream sources, yet Syria was invaded by the USA and its head-chopping friends and mass-murdering partners)  responsible for the displacement and killing of millions of Syrians during the ongoing civil war in the Middle Eastern nation.

Assad CorbynGETTY

Jeremy Corbyn is an outspoken critic of the current situation in Gaza

Mr Corbyn wrote about the event in communist Morning Star newspaper, saying it marked the anniversary of the date “when Arthur Balfour gave his infamous declaration of support for a Jewish state of Israel”.He went on to claim Hillary Clinton’s failure to back Palestinian settlements, something she announced while secretary of state, showed Israeli bias in American politics.He blasted: “Once again the Israeli tail wags the US dog as Hillary Clinton drops demands to even halt new settlements as the Netanyahu government pushes to continue its dismemberment of the West Bank.”

Mr Corbyn spoke about his experiences of the trip in the Commons, saying: “I pay tribute to the fact that Syria has accommodated a very large number of refugees and ensured that they are able to live in that country in safety.”A Labour Party spokesman said: “Jeremy has consistently spoken out against all forms of antisemitism.



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