Russian ships can shoot down Tomahawk missiles.

TAP – where did the 36 out of the 59 Tomahawk missiles end up that were fired at Homs airfield last week?  The Russians said that they could only account for the arrival of 23 missiles.  Sharkhunters’ report from various sources today includes a snippet that the latest Russian ships can shoot down Tomahawks.  It is not impossible that they have land based versions of whatever this missile defence system is.

What is so far unknown is whether this system is a missile such as the S-400 which would be expensive to replenish, or is it a rechargeable lightweight laser, which could be fired endless numbers of times.  The Tomahawk is subsonic and not that hard to intercept.  Would the Russian laser missile defence system (if it exists) be capable of intercepting missiles that travel at multiples of the speed of sound?  In theory, yes.  But in practice who knows?

Much is made of the huge amount spent on ‘defence’ by the USA, compared to Russia at about 10:1.  But if Russia has achieved a technological lead in key weapons systems such as lasers,  the money gap is bridgeable.  The USA, Isreal and NATO could well be in for a shock if they seriously engage with Russia.  Russian manpower would be far cheaper to boot.

The Neocons might be working a plan whereby Russia achieves early advantage in any coming conflict with the use of advanced conventional weaponry, which would simply be a set-up for the sending in of advanced anti-gravity, speed of light craft which have been identified by UFO watchers as being operational.  There could be any number of advanced technologies being held back for such a scenario.  Russia is nuclear armed and could do much damage to countries like Britain in the meantime, and only in the later stages of any conflict might the new weaponry be deployed, with what’s left of humanity begging the OWG for deliverance from the Russian onslaught.


That kind of thinking would be unknowable.  Maybe Russia too has access to more advanced technologies through the use of alien inputs.  By watching Richard D. Hall’s channel, you can see clearly that there are alien interventions being made on earth.  Are these advanced technical beings part of the situation?  They would have to be.  Does Russia have different alien associations to those of the USA/NATO, or are the same ones playing games with all of us?  At least we have good intelligence about the conventional weapons systems that are deployed from sources such as

Russia shooting down US missiles is nothing new.  This from 2013.

Report from Sharkhunters.

SILENT BEAR – Russia will cover its nuclear and diesel submarines with a special hydro-acoustic

noise-attenuating coating, meaning that even sensitive acoustic detectors will be unable to separate

them from the general sound of the sea.

EDITOR NOTE – The Kriegsmarine was the first to try sound-deadening and radar-absorbing

rubber coatings for submarines. It was known as ‘Alberich’ for an invisible guy in a fairy tale.

TOMAHAWK DEFENSE? – The Russian Black Sea Fleet’s frigate Admiral Grigorovich will boost the

Russian air defenses in Syria, adding that the frigate’s weapon systems are capable of shooting down

the Tomahawk long-range subsonic cruise missiles.

GOODBYE ROYAL MARINES – Britain’s Royal Marines are facing huge cuts in order to fund sailors

for the UK’s forthcoming multi-billion-dollar aircraft carriers, the HMS Queen Elizabeth and HMS

Prince of Wales. Experts fear this latest move could negatively impact the UK’s defense systems

even further.


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