Doctor dragged off United Airlines. Real or fake? Probably fake.


I am not sure this a real event.  We have the usual half visible mobile phone footage with screaming female voice over saying ‘Oh my God’, and doing nothing to assist.  Blood capsule in mouth.  If it is a real event, I would say the man did very well.   Someone will need to check out his ID to prove he actually exists and so on.  I’d say we’re into fake news here, indicating to the public that airline passengers are simply expendable cargo, as if we didn’t know that already, even doctors.  What do you think?

Quote from main media report gives no name.  That’s fake news normalcy. – The man who was taken off the plane has not been named, but he identified himself as a doctor during the debacle and another passenger said the man said he was of Chinese descent.  

If numbers of seats are oversold, this is dealt with by offering passengers alternative flights before check-in as a rule, or at check-in.  I have never heard of passengers being asked to get off flights after boarding.  They have computers dont they?


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