P.C. Roberts – ‘The economy is being rigged.’


They make unemployment look low by not counting the unemployed.  They keep inflation figures low by not counting inflation.  Spending by the public is declining as they have little or no discretionary funds left.  Many are just paying interest on their debts.  Paul Craig Roberts says the whole system is rigged.

The Fed is trading stocks, bonds, currencies and so on, and can rig all markets.  He suspects that that is what they are doing.  When everything is being rigged, there is no room for normal economic forces to operate.  There is no public debate about what is happening.  They can write all the paper gold and silver they want, to protect the dollar and paper currency from falling.

The problem will be when the people can’t fund their mortgages, car loans and so on.   Once the loss of confidence kicks in amongst the main population, with 95% of the western countries seeing lower and lower living standards.  Hundreds of millions of hungry kids.  Poverty.  Will people accept this?  we don’t know.

Artificial conflicts are being created to hoax the population into spending trillions on military capability.


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  1. Gordon Logan says:

    That also sums up Conservative economic policy. The Tories have plunged this country into colossal debt in order to fake a ‘recovery’ with a piffling increase in GDP that cost a trillion to attain. This is glaring ‘misconduct in public office’. Read John Perkins’ ‘Confessions of an Economic Hit Man’ to find out how politicians like May, Hammond, Cameron and Osborne conspire with the bankers to get their country into unmanageable debt it order to plunder public wealth. In any normal country, these people would be arrested. Idiocy is highly profitable for the 0.0001%

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