Watch out, America. NYC attack on The Statue Of Liberty is next.

Possibly the most important post ever put up on The Tap, Ole Dammagard explains why The Statue Of Liberty will be the next target for false flag terror after the London attack at Westminster Bridge.  There is no time suggested for this attack, but the quickening pace of false flags might suggest the attack will come in April or May.  Anyone who still thinks the London attack was real, can also usefully absorb the details of this post.  This post is a must read for everyone.  No one should skip it.

TAP – The signing of Liberty as the next target should make all representations of The Statue Of Liberty a potential focus of attack including the one in Las Vegas.  The more likely target would NYC.

Sent in by Jean Marie

It is dated 30/3. Ole Dammegard with Alfred Webre, Ole dissecting the recent event in London.

About two hours long; the first half hour or so he recaps his previous research ( to lend credibility for those unfamiliar with his investigations, perhaps ), and then he starts. I have only heard the first hour so far, but consider it even more of his excellent analysis, with observations I have not yet heard others make ( role of Marriott hotel, for instance; the fact that the murdered police officer has tattoos, and this is not allowed in the police ).

Ole predicted the Westminster attack, saying the next false flag target would be Big Ben.  The cult leaves clues in each attack as to where the next attack will be.  The camera at Melbourne focused on a tower based on Big Ben, which tipped him to make the prediction.  Ole explains how he seeks clues in each event as to what the next event will be.  It’s the interpretation of the New World Order of karma, to leave clues for us as to what outrages they plan next.  If we don’t react to the clues, then the karma is on our shoulders, the guilt, not on theirs.

The Nice attack also dropped hints of Westminster being a future target.

He predicted the Copenhagen attack, and the date for the attack.  It happened exactly one month later, maybe as the prediction was well publicised.

Why are films of these events so often made?  How come they are filming in time to record such apparently random attacks?

Israeli continues to paint itself as the victim of the attacks, with Moslems or Palestinians, or Palestinian Moslems the patsies.

How come the same cameraman keeps recording separate events?  Other extraordinary details.

The power structure behind the New World Order is behind countries.  It’s a global organisation.

They want us in fear, so they can bring forward solutions to the series of fake terror attacks, which they bring against their own populations.

During US election period, there were no attacks in the US.

There’s also a Christmas theme running through the terror attacks.

As Trump was sealed, there were three attacks in succession, Berlin,  Russian ambassador assassinated, and Switzerland.

Berlin was impossible, as the bollards were in the way of the truck’s supposed path.  Media were on location – BBC, Finnish were there before German TV could arrive.  Witnesses are usually journalists or connected to government.  Many more details.

Then Istanbul happened on New Year’s Eve, a nightclub was said to be attacked.  It is said he was dressed like Santa, later denied.

Then the truck attack in Jerusalem, the first one in Israel – as so many people kept asking why ISIS never attacks Israel.  No CCTV footage.  No dates given on footage, which is blurry.  Four soldiers said to be killed.  A headless dummy, no blood.  They keep using dummies.

Then the Fort Lauderdale attack.  Quickly debunked.  Crisis actors.  Another Santa character interviewed over and over, with a Santa mask, red trousers and a bight green T shirt. He gives his name as Santa Paul!!  Was St Paul a clue for the next attack?

Melbourne.  St Pauls Cathedral across the intersection.  Crazy guy doing doughnuts then drives into a crowd.  How come the cameraman was filming before the event even started?  No other traffic on the intersection, leaving a theatre stage.  A man is directing the driver with arm signals.  Lots of civilian unmarked police cars.  No sirens.  He drives but hits no people.  He has his brake lights on as he drives into the crowd.  People jumping out of his way look like part of the psyop.  People ask why no CCTV footage?  Many people in local shops had been told not to be there that day, so there are few or no direct witnesses.  The car doing the doughnuts has a towbar.  The car pictured after the event abandoned with his ID card, had no towbar.  Later on there were pictures added with a towbar.  Side mirrors did not match either and other details.

The tower similar to Big Ben was filmed at the beginning before the doughnuts start.  Ole Dammagard predicted an attack on Westminster/Big Ben, taking this as the clue.

Next up ?  Slide show at 29 minutes.  London attack.  Anniversary of Brussels Airport attack.  They often use the same dates.  322.

London.  Number of dead keeps changing as usual, said to be 5 dead with 40 wounded.  The numbers shown on TV are nowhere 40 people.  TV images show nothing.  Westminster Hotel in Nice at the Promenade Anglais was maybe a clue – the Nice attack took place exactly after the Brexit vote.  The London attack was all around the Parliamentary vote for Brexit.   The roster of wounded was highly international to draw in worldwide attention.

Lots of images where people seem to be smiling instead of being terrorised.  Some dummies used as corpses.  Fund-raising for ‘dead’ people highly lucrative.  Missing shoes on victims.  Freemasonic rituals removing one or two shoes.  Signs of danger and courage.  Shoes are taken off and placed tidily alongside victim.  Typical of earlier attacks.  Strange witness behaviour, behaving as if part of the operation.  A Bilderberger member from 2006 filmed the scene on the bridge, Radoslaw Sikorsky – pictured with Hillary Clinton and John Kerry, Kaminski PM of Poland, Donald Tusk – active in Ukraine politics.

Attacks often happen near public libraries.  They use these premises for catering, preparation of crisis actors.  Ambulances drive by the victims who then walk into the Marriott Hotel by Waterloo Bridge, along with people helping them.  They used the Marriott Hotel for this operation.

London Freemasonry helicopter landed on Palace Yard, in shot with Winston Churchill’s statue.

The Police officer who was stabbed to death – good-looking guy.  With tatoos openly visible on his lefty arm – not permitted by British Police.  They have to be covered.  The man is a Navy Seal or Special Operations man.

Nicki Minaj posed on Westminster Bridge exactly alongside postcard stall knocked down in attack (supposedly), just a few days beforehand.

How did they block the traffic to stop it from coming onto the bridge?  Loads of buses blocking the whole area off.  White trucks behind the sealed off area used to bring on dummies, and equipment.  No CCTV as usual.  Filming from a distance.  Why were they filming at all?

Big gathering of Police at the Albert Bridge two hours before the attack.  They rehearsed the attack at the Albert Bridge, then went live on Westminster Bridge.  Both bridges are visible from the HQ of MI6.

The best bogeyman is Moslem.   The attacker had big beard and dark skin.

Lack of blood on knives.  Many strange details – hard to explain. (1 hour onwards) – officers in jeans.

There’s always a hero – this time Thomas Ellis MP pro-NATO – tried to save Police officer’s life, giving him CPR.  Not suitable for multiple stab wounds.  Why him when there are medical staff all around?  Blood on his forehead.  Why not wipe it off?

Day before this attack, Webcham – coded coordinates given of exact location of the attack to come next day.

Casualty laughing, smoking on stretcher.

Car.  No damage to gate or fence at all while car is smashed up totally.  Not like hitting pedestrians.  No skid marks.  No tyre tracks.  Car placed on pavement not driven.

Police demanded from people who happened to be on the bridge to delete all their footage.

London Eye was shut down at the time this took place.  No footage from there.  CCTV shut down in 2016!!!!  Would they really close down the CCTV at Westminster?  Nonsense.

CCTV was working, one researcher proved, taking a still from it at the time of the attack.  25 minutes after the time the attack was supposed to be taking place. Tfl webcam footage must exist.  James Bond publicity gives away coming attack at Westminster.  Crisis actors are such low standard.  High school plays have better make-up departments.  They consider they have everyone brainwashed.

The NWO doesn’t want Brexit to take place.  The same theatre is happening in country after country, trying to create fear everywhere, getting the illusion of terror everywhere.  The ones who promise to protect you, they are the killers.

Any clues about ‘the next production’?

There was a blue bus on the bridge.  It had a big ad for Budweiser Light on one side,  on the other side, a big photo of The Statue Of Liberty.  March 28th forecast.  Date of the attack unknown.

They have to keep us in fear, as there are so few of them, and they need to manufacture enemies, boogeymen.  This terror, dozens of events, hundreds of events, every single time, we come to the same conclusion.  These are false events.  Where are the victims?   They have phantom identities.  He goes to the cemeteries.  They’re not there.  He attends the court cases, but there’s nothing there except a sign up saying the court case happened the day before, etc or elsewhere.

Ole can tell the camerawork in courts is false.  The camera flashes are not the same on different cameras taking the same scene.   Doctored photos.  The perpetrators probably don’t even exist.  There’s a false incident every year one week before the Bilderberg meeting, to grab the attention, like the Lee Rigby case.  Nick Kollustrum sent an enquiry to Somerset House to get the birth certificate of Lee Rigby (using a false name).  They returned his fee saying no such person existed.  The Bataclan massacre had false victims with families called to say two boys dead.  They called an hour later.

The Nice driver was filmed in Tunisia the next day.

9 of the pilots of 9/11 are still flying planes.

We are being played an illusion to keep us fearful.

Alfred Lambremont Webre remembers that he defended Black Panthers who were plotting to blow up the Statue Of Liberty 47 years ago.

This Liberty Statue blowing up is a movie rerun from 50 years ago.

Liberty was a Freemasonic God, gifted by French Freemasons to the young US.  Blowing it up would have a cult meaning and significance.

Other details given.

Watch out for drills .  One took place at Westminster Bridge three days before ‘real’ attack.  9/11 had a drill.  Madrid bombings.  So many attacks have drills the same day or in the days before.

Every single attack that’s ever taken place in America has been planned, funded, staffed and executed by the FBI.  Ole says there are no terrorists.  Same in Europe.

Crisis actors, who’ve signed agreements before they do their work, and who face beatings or death if they leave the group they’re in.  Product placement adverts on the back of the events carried out.  The crowds all paid for.  The same people turning up at event after event.  Vehicles bringing the actors in.  Police holding up blankets so people can’t see into the event being created.  Dummies used as props.

Watch out for drills which precede synthetic terror.  They are the forerunners for the introduction of a global fascist Police State.  Fear fear fear porn, from which you can be controlled.

The opposite to politics is spirituality.  Politics is lies, manipulations, fear, control.  All politicians are suspect.  These are the last people in whom you should place your trust.  Spirituality is to believe in the laws of the universe.

The false flags have gone on forever.  You can look back and find false events going on throughout history.  We used to believe they were historical events.  Not now.

All the false events are part of a plan.  To bring in greater and more centralised powers.  The product placement adverts put out in the terror reports are there to get you to believe in the brands advertised, to get you to throw your fears to the brands like Nike, Budweiser for your salvation.

Lost shoes are a ritual.  Would you stop and take off your shoes if you feared you were being fired on, as at Bataclan?

Don’t accept the karma of any future attacks, or any past attacks.  It’s not passed over to us.  It’s on your account, you attackers whoever you are.  Millions are awaking to this stuff now.  People send stuff to Ole, people from inside the Police, and inside the military as well as millions of members of the public.  The awakening is accelerating, so they’re speeding up the false attacks.  They’re scared.  If they can’t close the gate around us, with their spell of fear, we can escape their control system.  That’s what they fear.

The BBC have pulled the Westminster attack from their website.  They must realise people have twigged that it’s all false, and they don’t want it talked about.  They might possibly try and do another big one soon to get past this one.

Support Ole by buying his books.

He wants to get on location when he’s predicting events and try to stop them.  Non-violent is the way to go.  They want riots.  They want violence so they can call for more military protection.  The agencies who are putting us through body-scanners are doing wrong.  You can block them and refuse them.  You have to be searched instead.  No problem.  They are nice and pleasant people who believe they are doing the right thing.  Do not go into body-scanners.  Insist on a  body search.

Ends on a prayer.

Turn off your TV.  It’s sewage flowing into your living room, convincing you you have no power, that you’re useless.  Get rid of it.  Get close with your friends.  With your family.  Be an example.  Let it be cool to be kind.  Ole does it best.  Listen to him.















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    Thanks Jean Marie. This is vital stuff. Whoever you are.

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    I second that, very good indeed.

    “All wars are bankers’ wars. All terrorist incidents are false flags”.

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