North Korea – the darkest place on earth

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This girl’s story tells you more than any news reports.  Is North Korea a template for how things might be after One World Government?

Time to fight now while we still can.  Video.

Yeonmi Park is her name.

Is this being put about now to stir up reasons for war?  One thing in particular caught my ear.  She says a friend was executed for making an international call.  Really?  If this was possible to do, maybe, but you can be sure NK telecoms would not permit such a call, and it would be barred.  You need to be sceptical of all her claims.  Although many are correct.



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  1. Lanimer says:

    It is a convincing enough video for those who cant resist the power of a child in tears but I’m sorry if this is inadvertantly insensitive, I’m sure she had a rough ride and saw some harsh truths of dicatorship but she seems swept up and is being paraded to promote an intense and mysterious vision that is possibly all part of the propaganda war that is all it can be for now really and if it was pure 100% emotion, from the absolute heart and not the way she has been raised in N. Keorea ie. her ability to cry on demand and speak so clearly through those tears is apparently part of their brainwashed state and conditioning, she would struggle to be so concise and detailed without needing to take a breathe or look around with nerves.
    Those who didn’t appear upset enough about the death of the last ‘great leader’in public were executed or put to work camps supposedly, they know how look very, very upset on command.
    The Rothschilds have almost completed their goal of creating a central bank in all the key financial countries in the world in the last 10-15 years and the last one left is N. Korea and has been for too long but if they want to take this to war, they have the biggest military in the world. It would be 10x Vietnam, it would be endless merciless and would completely detroy many aspects of the ties between Asian countries and the west so it is going to take a long time to accomplish what they want, I’m sure they know that.. it doesn’t take much to see as well ‘One Young World’ is who she is standing for. One. World. Order.

  2. Tapestry says:

    You do wonder why we are seeing this now. There have been tragic NK stories seeping out for decades, but none got much coverage. With the NWO sniffing out wars, the heart strings can now be played. I’m cynical too. But the awfulness is real.

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