“No parent owns their child.”

Now TAP, don’t you go getting any high-falutin’ ideas that your offspring is yours!

8.18hr UK time
I just heard a chap on BBCR4 declare, “The reality is that no parent owns their child, in that they can make unfettered decisions about it.”
Hmmmmm…. comments invited below!
The chap is Sir Mark Hedley

Programme notes…
Doctors can withdraw life support from a sick baby with a rare genetic condition against his parents’ wishes, a High Court judge has ruled. Specialists at Great Ormond Street Hospital said eight-month-old Charlie Gard has irreversible brain damage and should be moved to palliative care. His parents Connie Yates and Chris Gard had wanted to take their son to the US for a treatment trial. But the judge said it was in Charlie’s best interest to remove life support. Laura Hobey-Hamsey is solicitor for the parents of Charlie Gard and Sir Mark Hedley is a former high court judge of the family devision.
2:15 mns in…
P.S. should it not be division? OK, just a typo… I won’t give the BBC a hard time for this too!

Those of us familiar with the ‘fake news tin foil hat conspiratorial’ internet are aware of the birth certificate corporate relationship, but here’s a Googled article non the less:
… or find articles to the contrary:

Regardless, to say the state has jurisdiction over the child over and above the parent does seem a tad controversial, yet is said on the BBC without any questioning.

This is all because of this sad case:
Charlie Gard case: Doctors can withdraw baby’s life support:


2 Responses to ““No parent owns their child.””

  1. alison says:

    Absolutely true as I found out some 20-25 years ago when I wanted to home-educate my children.

    As soon as you “register” your baby’s arrival, it becomes a “child” (chilled = dead, i.e. presumed dead at sea if he/she doesn’t claim his estate by the age of 7) and from then on, the state controls his/her estate and has complete control over him/her.

    As long as his/her parents play the game, the state allows them the illusion that they are in control but break the rules (challenge the vaccine program, choose to home-educate for example) and they step in!

    In cases where the CPS take over the children in the current hideous cases of forced adoption, they do not touch “babies” who have not been “registered”.

    We parents are our children’s own worst enemies because we just love to follow the rules… but then again, we have been deceived at every step of the game, as were our parents and grandparents before us and have no idea that in doing what we think is the right thing, we are signing away our rights to protect our own offspring.

    Scary stuff!

    There’s so much more I could add but space forbids.

    Never hesitate to give advice because the ability to ignore it is universal: – Question everything! Every single thing! Don’t just sign on the dotted line because the official is telling you to do so and everybody else has done so!

  2. Tapestry says:

    Never sign anything. Don’t give yes/no answers. Always use delaying answers or ones which leave open the possibility of both yes and no. Such as ‘I’ll need to check the details on that’ etc

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