New Chicks On The Block…

Brexit and Trump appear to be results of an on-going paradigm shift. The mainstream media is failing as the internet is providing a platform for ideas and conversation not allowed within the mainstream. After what seems like decades of politically correct right-on girls, certainly from my life experience and neighbourhoods, young women are popping up and talking about politically incorrect subject matter. I find them interesting and refreshing. Here are examples…

Tara McCarthy…
Jack Posobiec: What’s Really Happening In Sweden?
… who frequently appears with Brittany Pettibone…
Virtue Of The West Show #9: James O’Keefe:
Tara says she’s a vegan. I couldn’t help but smile as it reminded of a well known alleged vegetarian from WWII.

Tara and Brittany interview Lana from Red Ice TV…
Virtue Of The West Show #5: Lana Lokteff

Slightly older than Tara and Brittany, I think 29 and based in Seattle:
Blonde in the Belly of the Beast…
Does Trump Have a Strategy?

My Name Is Josephine…

Roaming Millennial: Talking Politics:
85% of her subscribers are male – oh, I wonder why? Anything to do with you being extremely photogenic?
R*ce, Culture, White Genoc*de? | Roundtable Discussion:

A relative veteran who came to the fore with the Trump campaign: Lauren Southern…
Traditionalism vs Freedom:

And not so new, indeed, a true veteran compared to the others and some one the other girls could interview: Syrian Girl….
Trump Is Hiding In A Nuclear Bunker Beneath #Maralago:


4 Responses to “New Chicks On The Block…”

  1. Tapestry says:

    Brexit and Trump are a shift indeed. Let the people imagine they’re winning politically by using mainstream media to make it look like Hillary Clinton stood a chance (she didn’t) and that the EU could win a referendum in Britain (it won’t). Then with the leader/Brexit you thought you wanted, you get more or less the same outcome anyway. These are major psyops.

  2. Tapestry says:

    It’s a game we have no choice but to play.

  3. RabbiT says:

    Not everything is a laughing matter.

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