JFK by Joseph Farrell

JFK & the United Putsch of America (Part 1 & 2) – A conversation with Joseph Farrell

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Published on 3 Apr 2016
Dr. Farrell is back and takes on JFK: After the failed Business plot, did the Sullivan & Cromwell based Wall Street/CIA elite replace Wallace with Truman and murder Roosevelt, in a behind the scenes coup? Why did the Kennedy Brothers challenge them despite Papa Joe being one of them? Is Bormanns Nazi International linked to them? How was shadow players in Argentina connected? What’s the 7 factions behind the cover-up? Whats the conspiracy theories about the Bomb plot against Hitler? Was Oswald connected to a Nazi spy network? Did JFK & Khrushchev plan a joint space program? And Jos okays a joint show with another guest…

NPP: Jay Dyer loves talking to Joseph Farrell. I know at one point Joseph was a Sharkhunter and mentions Harry Cooper at the beginning of this. If you are interested in WWII, Roosevelt, Russian intelligence, Bush, Hitler, Argentina, Cuba, Nixon, how the UFO programme is corporate and out of government hands… this gives an interesting round-up discussion on the whole caboodle. It’s 3 hours long! I had it on while working yesterday. I am a 1963 child so the JFK case has always fascinated me.

To this day the BBC still say it was Lee Harvey Oswald while Brian Cox waves his Co2 warms the world graph.


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