“I’m Tired Of Regime Change.”

Previously hard core Trump supporter is not happy. Remember, she was laughed at when she declared support for Trump early on in the presidential campaign.
Ann Coulter: “I Don’t Care If It Was Assad Who Used Chemical Weapons, I’m Tired Of Regime Change”

The BBC have not highlighted this message…
Moscow and Washington have reached an understanding that further US strikes similar to the one carried out against Syria’s Shayrat Air Base “should not occur again,” the Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has said.
…. and we will see.

Has Trump merely been showing signals of strength while all the while deal making toward friendlier relations; is there method in his apparent madness; or am I been ridiculously optimistic?
With that BBC R4 Today Thought For The Day and Anglican Bishop Nick Bains http://leeds.anglican.org/content/bishop-nick-baines perpetuates the assumption that Assad executed the recent chemical attack…
BBC R4 Today running order:

FlashBack: Ann Coulter Got Laughed At For Predicting Trump Win More Than a Year Ago:


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