Hoover Organised James Earl Ray’s Escape. Ray Didn’t Kill MLK

Been working and while doing so, just listened to this. Great stuff. As ever, taxpayer £3.7billion funded BBC, where are you? Here’s James Corbett in his study or similar low budget room studio doing what you should be.

William Pepper on The Plot to Kill King:

Published on 28 Apr 2017
Dr. William Pepper’s remarkable 40 year investigation into the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr. is summarized in his equally remarkable book, “The Plot to Kill King: The Truth Behind the Assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr.” In this conversation we discuss Dr. Pepper’s relationship with Dr. King, the mind-blowing evidence that destroys the official story of the assassination, who really killed MLK, and the complete media blackout that has served to keep this information from the public for half a century.


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