Health Ranger Or Health War Lord?

I have for 10 years, may be 15 or more, subscribed to Health Ranger newsletters. Then Mike Adams led an attack against 9/11 researcher Rebekah Roth. That never sat well with me. She still accuses him of a death threat, which still seems over dramatic, but she is convinced he is an ‘agent’ hiding behind natural health remedies. I’d love to hear the two being interviewed together, perhaps by John B. Wells, who I once heard refer to Adams as the Health War Lord.

This article is extreme, especially for a supposed purveyor of ‘health. May be North Korea is a hell hole and a threat but I sense they are another in the useful axes of convenient evil enemies the West has long promoted to justify the Western war machine in the name of defending our freedoms and liberty’. It does seem a tad ironical that Adams is suddenly referencing a mainstream media source such as NBC.

North Korea ready to nuke America … “world should be ready” warns high-level defector who confirms nuke launch plans with NBC News:

Disclaimer. I saw the headline, scanned the article, but not listened to the podcast. Time. Lack of inclination. I often delete HR newsletters now a days; there are plenty of other good health information sources. I note TAP still publishes HR. If the information is useful, why not? Anyway, I thought it worth putting out there. North Korea may be an awful dictatorial state, but fixing their problem merely perpetuates our being the policemen of the world. Surely, the West has the capacity to block any attack from North Korea.

II previously posted this on TAP… can’t remember my heading now nor find it, so here’s the original youtube link…
A Conversation About Korea – Caleb Maupin & Lionel Nation

Also, as a by note, I have ad-blocker notices with HR newsletters. I refreshed my browser 2-3 times and it came through.

Edit: found it!
Ever Given North Korea Much Thought?


5 Responses to “Health Ranger Or Health War Lord?”

  1. Belyi says:

    Another interviewer who can’t shut up and let the interviewee speak. Jumping back and forth, he really makes for frustrating listening.

  2. Bevernbridge says:

    I’ve been reading Mike’s stuff for a decade or more, too.
    Quite simple – he is good/very good/excellent on health, but useless on external (to the US of A) politics. Some of his articles on Venezuela made my skin creep.

    • Belyi says:

      I totally agree with you on both points. He deifies Trump simply because the latter is against gun control and iffy on vaccines. He should stick to what he does really well and keep out of politics where he is naive beyond belief..

  3. Tapestry says:

    Maybe Mike Adams isn’t such an expert on foreign affairs falsity as he is on health issues. All sources have their detractors. No one gets it all right.

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