Dear friends of Tap,

A month has now passed since I underwent my nine hour TAAA open surgery repair at Edinburgh Royal Infirmary and wish to thank those of you whom expressed their prayers and best wishes for my recovery. My TAAA was of unusual sort and had to be operated on by two of only three such  specialist surgeons in the country. Fortunately, my own surgeon, Mr Burns, was one such specialist surgeon and I’m truly grateful and indebted to his skill and expertise.  The other specialist surgeon whom I never met I believe travels between the Lebanon and the UK to perform this type of TAAA repair. Understandably, therefore, it takes time for these specialist surgeons to schedule operation dates.

I should like also to thank all the HDU doctors and staff of ward 116 for their detailed care and attention to my speedy recovery.

During my recovery in HDU ward 116 I drank loads of iced coconut water which I had brought into hospital to soothe an aggressively sore throat after surgery. Several of the staff were surprised at my knowledge of the benefits of coconut. Equally, I was delighted to learn that several of the nurses were as knowledgeable and were in the habit of consuming coconut water, milk and oil.

Nurses and doctors were amazed at the speed of my recovery which I told them was down to healthy eating and lifestyle and was released from hospital just six days after major surgery.

Recovery takes time and initially I spent a few day in and out of sleep. However, my strength and stamina are improving every day and feel fit enough to take what the world has to throw at me. Look out world I’mmm back!!! As such I’ll be posting to the blog again but will be resting and napping a lot also.

Kindest regards to one and all in the service of love and truth,



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  1. Gordon Logan says:

    Wonderful news, Gordon. I was beginning to get worried. You must have a strong heart to survive such a long operation.

  2. danceaway says:

    This is fantastic news! Thank you so much for letting us know!! You and your contributions have been greatly missed, and now we need you perhaps even more, given the events that have been transpiring in your absence……

  3. wilfer says:

    never met you brother but could not be more pleased to open up the blog and find that you are on the mend, looking forward to you doing what you always do so we need more of your kind.

  4. Mark says:

    Fantastic. Coconut water and prayer eh. Write and rage on. Best to you and the Tap outpost.

  5. NPP says:

    Coconut oil. Bloody good stuff. Eat it, swallow it, rub it on… it’s the business.

    Excellent post. Excellent news. I am raising my glass to you just as BBC R4 Any Questions comes on the internet in Asia. That’ll be a load of bollocks Gordon – but, makes me laugh!

    Well done!

  6. emm jay says:

    Hi Gordon! This fabulous news has really made my day! Prayers always reach their destination … well done you! So chuffed … big hug ?

  7. RabbiT says:

    Great to know my prayer to the living God was answered positively. In your absence seems like we were expected to rely on black magic.

  8. Tapestry says:

    Only yesterday I was thinking it would be nice to get this news. A tear comes to the eye.

  9. Gordon says:

    Thank you all for your kind and encouraging words.

  10. Dublinmick says:

    Sounds much better than Florida Hospital. I collapsed on the den floor, couldn’t get up and was rushed to the emergency room. After a brain scan they decided I ha a 3 and one half inch tumor in my brain which was effecting balance.

    I told them I didn’t want surgery. They called my daughter and she said operate, he doesn’t know what he is talking about.

    One of my daughters did bring in some coconut oil and coconut milk as well as topical ointment for the hives.

    Hives the anti seizure medicine keppra causes. In fact it says on the label may cause suicidal thoughts, vomiting, dizzyness, liver damage, hives etc. I told them on dfay 5 after the op I was finished with this. They kept saying take it if you want to live.

    The nurse asked what the topical coconut oil was and I told her. She said the doctor didn’t authorize this. I said I don’t really give a damn what the doctor authorized.

    She said we may have to take it away from you and I said send the biggest one you have, there is going to be a scene.

    After learning to walk all over again, I was released on 4/5 after brain surgery on 3/22.

    I went in for a gamma ray to the incision area later and they said you can drop the keppra, ha I told them I had terminated that program long ago.

    Only down side to this is they say I have thyroid cancer also. I haven’t exactly been on a roll lately. I don’t know what to do about this as most doctors I have talked to want radio active iodine after removal.

    It can result in skin peeling like sunburn, loss of taste, loss of salivary gland function, burning tongue, constipation, compromised immune system, adrenal fatigue, onset of new food allergies, iodine deficiencies etc etc.

    The doctors didn’t mention any of this. It is not happening for me.

    • Gordon says:

      Dear me Dublinmick this sounds all so dreadful. I think I’d be heading for the CBD oil if I were you. Do please keep us updated. Kindest regards and best wishes.

  11. Mark says:

    Must pray for you fella. Find your alternative healing.
    And there’s: https://www.ancientpurity.com/
    Best and overcoming to you. Health and Peace.

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