Dream: The BBC Employ Patrick Henningsen.

Hey BBC. looking for fresh blood? I propose a journalist – yes, remember those BBC? – called Patrick Henningsen.
Who needs a BBC £bililon budget when you’ve got a motor? Yeah Patrick, push that Co2 out there! He even drives no hands!

“This chemical attack video was a better production than the last one…”
I paraphrase, but they said something like this.
Episode #6 – DRIVE BY WIRE: ‘Syria WMD Redux?’ (Part 1)

Episode #6 – DRIVE BY WIRE: ‘Syria WMD Redux?’ (Part 1)

“Who needs sarin gas masks when you have $1 surgeon cum painting masks?”

There is better analysis here, with 2 bloke driving around in a car than BBC HQ can muster in an entire day of taxpayer funded broadcasting. I wish I had the ‘juicy bits’ part 2 too.

Sarin: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sarin


2 Responses to “Dream: The BBC Employ Patrick Henningsen.”

  1. quenelka says:

    No, leave the BBC to die its natural death. I hope they and others like them don’t suck up all the independant talent out there. Besides I think Patrick has principles thats why he has done a lifetime membership deal for 21wire subscribers like me. I would have to buy a TV licence otherwise!

  2. NPP says:

    I was thinking of radio actaually… TV Henningsen’s would be wow!

    I was dreaming… imagine if our national community broadcasting service actually held presenters and journalists of Patrick’s calibre?

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