Disturbing footage recorded at Cuadzilla’s Preston New Road FRACK site

This disturbing footage recorded at Cuadzilla’s Preston New Road FRACK site, by the outstanding Cheryl Atkinson on the afternoon of Weds 5th April 2017, documents the moment that Lancashire Police lost the last vestiges of any remaining integrity and self-control! THIS is coming to a location near YOU … unless WE ALL come together to stop it NOW!!


5th April 2017 : Sometimes you witness things that make you even more determined to document the events that unfold at Preston New Road and this is one of them. My heart goes out to this water protector, the police should be ashamed of themselves. My apologies for swearing. xxx

[fbvideo link=”https://web.facebook.com/cherylatkinson24/videos/10158335467710562/” width=”500″ height=”400″ onlyvideo=”1″]


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