Chrystia Freeland: “Assad gases children in their sleep.” Evgeny Buzhinsky: “It was fake.”

8.26am UK time
I heard Evgeny Buzhinsky on BBC R4 Today
Programme notes:
0810 hr
‘Theresa May and Donald Trump are said to have agreed there is a window of opportunity to convince Russia to abandon its support for Syria. They and the rest of the G7 club of the world’s richest nations are now considering a further tightening of sanctions on Putin and his allies. Will it work? Chrystia Freeland is the Canadian foreign minister, a member of the G7 and Evgeny Buzhinsky is a retired Lt General in the Russian military.’

The BBC news later report Chrystia Freeland: “Assad gases children in their sleep..”

Evgeny Buzhinsky responds to Sarah Montague that the İdlib chemical attack was ‘fake’; he says of course ‘you’ (BBC, Canadian Minister) tell the story you want. Sarah sounds gobsmacked; she cannot believe this man is in such ‘denial’. From my understanding, research, reading, listening and watching with Evgeny who sounds calm, collected, sure and intelligent.

I google him…
PIR Center Board Chair Lt Gen Evgeny Buzhinsky tells @BBCWorld he doesn’t see Russia & US as opponents … @PIR_Center

About PIR… legit NGO? Intelligence asset? Goodies? Baddies? I don’t know, but I enjoyed a different view on BBC R4 Today.
How does Russia view the West?

Some one left this on Bookface:

The BBC go on to warn us President Trump is questioning vaccination… that’ll be interesting. The BBC send us a message: you must vaccinate or be irresponsible.

Debate: Military Intervention In Syria | Stefan Molyneux and Bill Mitchell:
Interesting debate – should the US get involved in Syria or not? Was trump’s move a strike of strategic genius and more of the same old same old Neo-Con globalist intervention?


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