Britain’s navy won’t last a month if a war starts with Russia

RED OSCAR RETURNS – According to Intel received from S.E.I.G. Agent WIZARD,

the Russian OSCAR II class multi-purpose submarine OREL will be recommissioned

and back in the Russian Navy by the end of this month with upgraded radio, life support

and navigation systems among other improvements.


has made ‘significant improvements’ in their air defense system over the past few years.

They claim that their Voronezh radar systems are the most advanced in the world and

can be quickly transported and assembled on the spot anywhere in Russia.

WOUNDED EAGLE? – More from WIZARD: According to this report, almost one third

of the United States Air Force aircraft are NOT READY for combat! According to this

report, Air Force readiness has been falling steadily since 2003. In 2016, Air Force Vice

Chief of Staff Larry Spencer told Congress LESS THAN ONE HALF of the Air Force’s

combat aircraft were in compliance with the ‘full-spectrum readiness specifications’.

EDITOR NOTE – This is alarming! I remember the scramble on the morning of the Bay

of Pigs, Cuba action. We had two bomber wings, two tanker wings and one ADC wing

on our air base. Within 15 minutes of the alert sirens going off, we had thirty B-47

bombers, fully loaded with 20mm guns and thermonuclear weapons in the bomb bay,

bound for their targets in the Soviet Union. F-86D fighter interceptors were deployed in

a defensive ring around our air base to intercept any incoming Soviet planes and the US

Army Nike-Hercules defense missiles around our base were armed and ready. Half the

KC-97 in-flight tankers were in the air and gone………all within the first thirty minutes.

By early afternoon that day, all ninety of our B-47 bombers were fully fueled, armed with

thermonuclear weapons and hot guns in the air and on their way to the Soviet Union; all

seventy of our KC-97 tankers were in the air and refueling bombers coming from other

bases – all bound for the Soviet Union; all the F-86D fighters were in the air in the

defensive ring. We had an incredibly huge and massive concrete flight line that was

incredibly and massively empty that day – not one aircraft still on the concrete. It was a

very eerie sight, but ALL our birds were in the air; not merely one third.

INVIABLE UNDERWATER BEAR – More from WIZARD and we learn that Russian

engineers have developed a unique device capable of jamming the target-seeking

torpedo heads, rendering them more or less ineffective; and of blinding the sonar

equipment on American submarines. This innovation obviously will add significantly to

the combat capability of the Russian Navy’s Pacific Fleet.

MOST DANGEROUS BEAR EVER – Information from WIZARD tells us that the USA

has good reason to be concerned about the abilities of the new YASEN Class Russian

attack submarine. Friday 31 March, Russia launched the second of these boats and the

publication ‘The National Interest’ dubbed this “the most dangerous nuclear attack

submarine ever”.

WELL ARMED BEAR – WIZARD has been hard at work gathering even more Intel.

Last week the UK media reported on Russia’s impressive array of weaponry and said

that some systems, including the Oniks and Zircon supersonic and hypersonic missiles

as well as the S-500 air defense systems just plain do not have any British equivalent.

Last week many of the British newspapers as well as military publications were

reporting on the creation of ‘devastating’ and ‘game changing’ new Russian missiles, in

particular the hypersonic Zircon missile which will begin deployment in 2020. Reportedly

this missile will defeat and British warship’s anti-missile defenses simply because it is

incredibly fast. Hypersonic places the speeds at Mach 5 or 6! In addition, other new

anti-ship missiles from Russia such as the supersonic P-800 Onik is a serious threat to

the Royal Navy (apparently alrady deployed – as in picture). Also pointed out is the fact that Russian S-300 and S-400 surface to

air missiles have no Western equal and will be even deadlier.

TAP – The problem with The Trident deal is that Britain has secretly agreed to go to war on the command of The POTUS.  That President is Trump, and he’s controlled by the Neocon swamp.  Britain has no weaponry capable of fighting Russia’s conventional weaponry.  It seems that there will be no air supremacy in any war with Russia.  Britain will be forced to fall back on nuclear weaponry or pull up the white flag.  Russia is nuclear armed, and targets would include places like Holy Loch, an who knows where else.  The population has not been readied with bunkers or iodine pills.  Catastrophe lies ahead.


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  1. Gordon Logan says:

    There is nothing so stupid or lethal as the absurd notion of the nuclear ‘deterrent’. Far from being a ‘deterrent’ the UK’s nuclear weapons place this country high up in the Russian targetting list. The UK has by far the highest density of nuclear targets in the world. RAF Welford in Berkshire is the main US nuclear weapons store in Europe. A country without a ‘deterrent’, such as Portugal, would be a much safer place to be, while the UK would be annihilated. That is no doubt why the British government doesn’t bother to invest in civil defence. Theresa May’s visit to Washington seems to have been the trigger of Trump’s volte face in foreign policy. May was clearly tasked to persuade Trump to continue the Neocon foreign policy of Obama. She clearly succeeded. The Doomsday Clock, which had never been so near midnight, should now realistically be at about 90 seconds to midnight, taking into account Trump’s alarming new military decisions. The clock has been hovering near midnight since 2012. If there was such a thing as ‘deterrence’, the clock would never be near midnight at all. As it is, there have been more than a dozen incidents that didn’t result in full blown nuclear war by a mere fluke.Unfortunately, in Westminster and Whitehall, there is no common sense. Chatham House is divided between gung ho idiots, like Sir Roderic Lyne, and cowards who keep their heads down. The Rothschild/Soros war/depopulation agenda is on track to fruition. The target is 500 million survivors. This country has never been in such great danger as it is now.

  2. Gordon Logan says:

    In the grand scheme of things. this country is an ‘expendible’.

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