Britain has never been in so much danger

There is nothing so stupid or lethal as the absurd notion of the nuclear ‘deterrent’. Far from being a ‘deterrent’ the UK’s nuclear weapons place this country high up in the Russian targetting list. The UK has by far the highest density of nuclear targets in the world. RAF Welford in Berkshire is the main US nuclear weapons store in Europe. A country without a ‘deterrent’, such as Portugal, would be a much safer place to be, while the UK would be annihilated.

That is no doubt why the British government doesn’t bother to invest in civil defence. Theresa May’s visit to Washington seems to have been the trigger of Trump’s volte face in foreign policy. May was clearly tasked to persuade Trump to continue the Neocon foreign policy of Obama. She clearly succeeded. The Doomsday Clock, which had never been so near midnight, should now realistically be at about 90 seconds to midnight, taking into account Trump’s alarming new military decisions.

The clock has been hovering near midnight since 2012. If there was such a thing as ‘deterrence’, the clock would never be near midnight at all. As it is, there have been more than a dozen incidents that didn’t result in full blown nuclear war by a mere fluke.Unfortunately, in Westminster and Whitehall, there is no common sense. Chatham House is divided between ‘gung ho’ idiots, like Sir Roderic Lyne, and cowards who keep their heads down.

The Rothschild/Soros war/depopulation agenda is on track to fruition. The target is 500 million survivors. This country has never been in such great danger as it is now.

Comment from Gordon Logan


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  1. sovereigntea says:

    The UK’s so called deterrent in the event of a US / Russia conflict is intended to make the UK a target thus soaking up missile inventory that would otherwise be aimed at the US mainland.

    The US under Israeli control is our enemy.

  2. Gordon Logan says:

    Exactly, Sov. The Tories’ beloved ‘deterrent’ soaks up as many Russian warheads as possible so as to prevent them from getting across the Atlantic.

  3. quenelka says:

    Would any of us derive any comfort in knowing that Russian civilians are being burnt to a crisp the same as us in the event of a nuclear ‘exchange’?

    Nuclear weapons are insane, and it makes it more likely other countries aquire them as they see how the nuclear power countries go strutting their stuff around the world. I hope they don’t work due to the radiation damaging the electronic circuitry

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