Another Psyop? Are You Mental? The Mind Boggles!

I bet there’s a pharmaceutical pill solution! Psycho-analysis yeah! It’s OK to be mental! After all, yer mum was; Soames said so. But, whatever you do, do not explore issues with food, water, the un-Health-y Industry, school programmes…

Prince William: ‘I text Radio 1 for shoutouts’

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge surprised Radio 1’s Adele Roberts ahead of her marathon run for the charity Heads Together.

More like bang your heads together!

PM ticks off Soames for jibe at Diana:

Nicholas Soames personally apologised to the Prime Minister before being slapped down by John Major in the Commons yesterday for going over the top in accusing the Princess of Wales of being in the “advanced stages of paranoia”.

The mind boggles.


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  1. Tapestry says:

    Soames threatened her with a car crash over the phone. He’s always felt inferior to his grandfather who really knew how to kill people in proper numbers.

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