All jobs are at risk

The reason we have wars is because we have armies.  That’s why the US had militias, and no standing army – to begin with.

http://armstrongeconomics.comMartin Armstrong thinks Trump is not liked by the intelligence services and the military, and his unwillingness to have wars will be his undoing.  This ex-hedge fund manager, software writer, trader runs the Socrates system, which monitors the entire world, and writes reports on five hundred topics each day.  It’s a computer which is doing it.

He has very definite views about the future.  Agriculture used to be 70% of the workforce, now 1%.  The computer age will be the same.  Everyone’s job is at risk.  Frankfurt Airport has no check-in staff.  Machines do it all.  Low end jobs are being replaced by robots.  Inflation is driving the process.

$14.95 buys you a membership to his newsletter for the most basic level, which gives you a nice longer term view.

War cycle is heating up.  Economy is going down.


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