Alex Jones Getting Hit By Mainstream. Is He Telling Too Many Truths?

Lionel Nation: Alex Jones: “Outed” As Truth Performance Artist:
EXCLUSIVE! Alex Jones Responds To MSM Attacks Claiming He Is Fake / An Actor
I observe the mainstream critics are desperate.

Jones’ coverage of the Trump election night was great – much better than BBC, and I was jumping around following various media outlets. Jones was openly bias toward Trump, yet still gave a riveting and apparently honest report because he was concerned Trump might not win. They reported more acutely, honestly and accurately than established mainstream outlets; they just happened to end up on the winning side.

I suggest Alex Jones is what he is; loud, brash, passionate… dare I even suggest authentic?! Unlike TAP, I listen to the BBC news regularly. Alex Jones provide better information.


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  1. Tapestry says:

    Alex Jones has credibility gaps, like Icke. Good place to start, but the net has many other excellent trustworthy sources. Being better than the BBC is not exactly difficult. Look for alternative media that doesn’t get attention, that they try very hard to hide away, not attack publicly. e.g. Dr Judy Woods.

  2. NPP says:

    Dr. Judy Woods will not acknowledge thermite apparently found at ground zero. I bought her book, so I have supported her thesis, but she dismisses other evidence.

    The BBC is crap. This is a given. It is still a commercial-free taxpayer funded national service. More of us could be lobbying our local BBC, MP’s, expressing where ever possible, that it should put itself in order. It would be interesting to have a good and proper national braodcasting and information service. We can ignore it or hold its feet to the fire.

    Jones and Icke could grow-up and communicate rather than just ignore or slate one another as they seem to be doing now.

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