A View From An Ex Flight Attendant

I listened to Rebekah Roth while eating supper last night and saved to post to TAP…

I cannot remember all that was said; I also enjoyed 3/4 bottle of Turkish red wine so my magic capabilities will have been reduced according to low-alcohol consuming, non-smoking Thomas Sheridan in his video on how to practise magic:

How to Practice Real Magic in the 21st Century

… but, I would recommend you give Thomas your ear occasionally; fat fungus faced Irish know-it-all, and feck him if he can’t take a joke!

Rebekah Roth ~ What’s Up with these Airlines?
Rebekah says she remains the only one who has actually studied a terabyte of FOI files in regard to 9/11… not Richard Gage nor any 9/11 other truther as far as she knows.
In this video commentary she talks about the guy who as dragged off a plane the other week and went viral on social media. She has a different take. She does drag on about her book and new website Behind The Galley Curtain:
… but, so what – listen or don’t. This woman makes damn good points and is utterly ignored and dismissed by the likes of Richie Allen to Mike Adams to Jim Fetzer. Even  Field McConnell seems to view her with scant regard as mentioned in this long chat with John B. Wells…
Serco’s stranglehold on the US military – CTM #712 – Field McConnell:

John B. Wells gives Rebekah time as do Doug and Joe Hagmann:
False Flags, False Faith: Rebekah Roth & Pastor Lankford… no, I have not listened to this one, but would happily do so:

My feeling is, just interview her and find out! When Ken O’Keefe and Max Igan had a spat, Richie Allen had them both on. But, cuddly uncle Jim Fetzer says she’s a fraud and Richie Allen takes uncle Jim’s word for it.

Rebekah accuses Health Ranger Mike Adams of trying to do her harm. The same Mike Adams about to appear with G. Edward Griffin at the Red Pill Expo. I adore G. Edward Griffin and, therefore, his judgement:
… John B. Wells is also on the bill. He refers to Mike Adams as the Health War Lord.

I wish we could get these characters on the BBC and find out who has something worth listening to or not… the BBC NPP?! Yeah, I know, I like to fantasize….

Then, stop press, there’s more… What Really Happened On Flight 591?

This is Zerohedge. We all like Zerohedge, right?
American Airlines Employee Suspended After Hitting Mother, Challenging Passenger To A Fight:
This is Rebekah Roth, the ex flight attendant vilified by Jim Fetzer and Mike Adams…
Rebekah Roth ~ Six Minutes of Truth:
… and good old £3.7billion taxpayer funded BBC:
American Airlines suspends employee after clash over pram:

P.S…. Rebekah Roth’s YouTubes do not show up when published on TAP as others do.


2 Responses to “A View From An Ex Flight Attendant”

  1. sovereigntea says:

    zereohedge is an owned propaganda outfit.
    For example they republish this dross about Birmingham. An echo of the same BS about no go zones in Birmingham broadcast by Fox News a few years back.

    Neocon satanist war whore John Bolton is Chairman of the Gatestone Institute.

    Islam in the Heart of England and France

    by Denis MacEoin
    April 23, 2017 at 5:00 am


    Zerohedge repeats the same crap soliciting anti-muslim feeling and distracting the public from our real enemy.
    Islam In The Heart Of England And France
    Tyler Durden’s picture
    by Tyler Durden
    Apr 26, 2017 2:00 AM

    Authored by Denis MacEoin via The Gatestone Institute,

    Another example burning this propaganda “asset” is Zerohedge’s craven support of Israel’s owned candidate Trump.


  2. NPP says:

    Israel runs an open air concentration camp and Germany has apparently financed them to do so since WWII. But, don’t you dare suggest it in public!

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