A day late!

It is tempting to join the ranks of non-voters knowing that all options are rigged in elections.   As Ian Crane says, that merely allows them to ignore us completely.  It’s better to take part in the process of being made a fool of, and if possible find independent candidates who don’t partake of corporate politics.   Vote rigging is made easier by lifetime non-voters. The parties can file a vote for you, and you’ll never know.


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  1. RabbiT says:

    For a long while I choose not to vote simply because I chose not to register to vote.

    Having moved address my local servants bombarded me with sufficient threats of injury, were I not to register to vote, that I succumbed to the intimidation.

    The fact they got my name wrong on the register is comforting so I have chosen to take an interest and vote for the independent candidate(s).

    With these new systems of multiple votes there seems scope to ensure every independent candidate can get a vote leaving the mainstream parties aside. That is not to say that in local elections there are not good people to vote for, the problems we face being at national level.

    Can I suggest those who post might consider articles which go further and encourage the likes of us to seek election. As a former gov. employee I have thought of doing so myself except I may draw unnecessary attention to my cause from political bigots. I will however continue to consider such.

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