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I can’t now remember who told me to get Exposing Lies Of Empire, the 2015 book by Andre Vltchek, but whoever it was, I thank them.  It is the best book, from the point of view of quality of writing, I’ve read for a very long time.  Some authors hold your attention through the quality of their ideas, and the facts they have assembled from research, people like Ralph Ellis or David Talbott, for example.  Others interest you from the reinterpretation of old information, showing that past explanations are wide of the mark, to the point of being deceptive,  people like Edward G Griffin, or Dr Stan Monteith.

Vltchek is neither of these.  He writes as he lives, telling what he experiences, letting the events that are happening to him minute by minute, unfold the background story and the bigger picture.  As he drives or walks his way into the world’s trouble zones, he never dodges any level of tragedy or danger (bar getting needlessly killed), and allows you to be his travelling companion, as if looking through a monitor which he points at the people and scenery around.

It’s a morality tale – a socialist vision dreaming of a world where the empire that runs everyone and everything is no more.  Each short chapter describes the countries he knows, the people, their situations and their stories.  Each  adds to the same basic background story, yet consists of a myriad of little details that make the pieces persuasive and authentic.  You can see pictured in your own mind the places he describes, and sense the persona of each character that wanders across the page.  You are right there with him from the beginning to the end, feeling the fears,the sadnesses and the hopes of deprived peoples, smelling the stench of war-zone slums, or thrilling at the sight of a beautiful mountain range.

There is only one empire. There are millions of victims.  Despite the awful powers and threats to be negotiated, he focuses on the fact that all over the world, the oppressed peoples never give up hope, and keep fighting back despite torture, killings and loss of all their property.  He celebrates the tiny victories of rebellion, and looks with hope for the overthrow of the empire in the future.

This is inspirational writing of a kind I have not come across before.  As a businessman I cannot share in the notion of a communist or socialist future for everyone for all time,  but for oppressed people, such notions are clearly attractive. Once they are able to claim their own lands, and win their freedoms, they too will want to build enterprises and not be dependent on state handouts, or ‘socialism’ forever.  Notions about money should not be allowed to confuse the basic message which is a human one – that humanity is suffering terribly at the hands of an empire that hides out of sight.  Andre will show you round a world you thought you knew, and you were entirely familiar with.  You will find that whatever understanding you’ve managed to glean from mainstream media of how the world is and works, is way off the truth.  Exposing Lies Of The Empire does what’s written on the tin.  I highly recommend it.  You will have a far clearer picture of the true situation in dozens of countries in all parts of the globe, once you’ve read it.  The mainstream media will not be able to con you any longer.  You owe it to the world you live in, and to yourself, to know the reality.


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