What was Wednesday’s Westminster terror attack about? Here’s your answer.

So last Weds BS was all about getting the ‘Social Licence’ to roll out the next level of para-military hardware! ?

Hundreds of extra firearms personnel are on hand in London and around the country as forces mount a large-scale security operation following the outrage.
Ian Crane’s thoughts on the matter.

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  1. sovereigntea says:

    And they so want to get their hands on your private data….

    And one day after the March 22 murderous attack in the heart of London, the UK government was publicly critical of the failure of companies like Google and Facebook to remove extremist content on the internet, arguing that they “can and must do more.”

    That was followed shortly after by UK Home Secretary Amber Rudd specifically highlighting Facebook-owned chat app WhatsApp and arguing that the authorities must be given access to messages sent by the Westminster attacker over the service.

    The debate over encryption has been going on for well over a year and until recently was dominated by fights in the United States, most notably between the FBI and Apple over access to an iPhone used by a shooter in San Bernardino, California.

    At the heart of the matter though, nothing has changed: tech companies and security experts say that if crypto backdoors are created, it will be impossible to ensure that only the “good guys” can use this special access, and thus will undermine end-to-end encrypted systems and encrypted storage. Meanwhile politicians and law enforcement insist they don’t care how it’s done, they want to be able to access people’s private communications and stored data, particularly if they have a warrant regarding suspected criminal behavior. ®

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