Very calm analysis of ‘Pizzagate’


Not for the squeamish but how can we stop what we don’t know or understand? Note the links to Salford England. Child abuse is the engine of Westminster UK and it appears the Obama now shadow US government. Child abuse survivors tell me that the IICSA child abuse inquiry in UK is a joke where the key objective is to stall and delay matters for years. No individuals are to be identified and tried just blame apportioned to organisations, apologies to be made and survivors bought off with peanut payments. It is up to all of us to expose and talk about the massive child trafficking and abuse network in UK and worldwide. There is no possibility that this can happen without the full support of the UK government and the main child protection agencies – police child protection and social services and courts. All charities which claim they are helping children should be investigated. I post this today after another three people have come forward to tell their harrowing stories of their children stolen by social services and then handed to abusive parents, partners and ‘carers’. The cases show collaboration between countries including UK Europe USA South Africa and Ireland.

Paedophile Ted Heath’s Chief Whip Tim Fortescue admits to the child abuse on BBC camera

Yet howls of protest in the mainstream press when fingers are pointed at politicians and Westminster circles.

We all need to be digging, telephoning and emailing not the press organisations but the journalists themselves asking why if we see it they appear blind. Make it personal in a polite measured and professional way. To give the mainstream press and media the idea that the wider public is watching their every move is very powerful psychology, but fully justified in this battle to protect our children.

It’s not up to me or the UKColumn – it’s up to all of us – each and every one of us.

Brian Gerrish


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