US Soldiers Spotted in Country They Shouldn’t Be in, Again

Assad needs to file a restraining order against these weirdos

March 6, 2017

Their invitation got lost in the mail? Sure.
Their invitation got lost in the mail? Sure.

The northern Syrian city of Manbij is now under Syrian government control.

But apparently the Americans did not receive the memo, which doesn’t really surprise us because they shouldn’t be in Syria in the first place.

Maybe they think their invitation got lost in the mail? “Sure”.

The Americans are currently zooming around Manbij in their souped-up cars — we assume in a lame attempt to pick up girls:

US troops were spotted in a convoy of armored vehicles illegally in the Syrian city of Manbij on Saturday.

The US armored vehicles will be concentrated in northern Manbij to conduct the demarcation between the forces of the Manbij Military Council and Euphrates Shield troops.

Fighting between the Manbij Military Council and Euphrates Shield troops reportedly continues in the areas to the west of Manbij.

Oh well. There’s nothing more American than driving around aimlessly in over-sized trucks with machine guns.


This is a pleasant follow-up story to a front-line report we ran not long ago, “Fictitious Russian Airstrike Almost Kills American Soldiers Who Shouldn’t Be in Syria”.

International Law applies to the whole world with the exception of the U.S They can go wherever they want, are devinely entitled to all the natural resources of every country, failing which they’ll bomb them into the stone age….Just as a reminder, the Nuremberg war crimes tribunal was based on Laws created ex post facto and solely served to point the finger at Germany and cover up allied war crimes.

Yugoslavia war crimes tribunal too was solely based to create guilt to “the other” as it covered up American war crimes. When…WHEN will then world wake up and say enough is enough!!
We are the greatest purveyors of terror around the globe.

The Geneva Convention only works in one direction too.


  • No it doesn’t….Washington, in their delusion may think so, but it doesn’t. It applies to everyone.

  • That rather depends on what you mean by “applies”. Formally and theoretically, it applies to everyone. Operationally and practically, it doesn’t apply to the USA.

    Here’s a simple test. When was the last time you heard of a US citizen being prosecuted for a breach of the Geneva Convention?

  • It applies to everyone. That the world ALLOWS Americans to give it the middle finger when it comes to violations of International law is not relevant is it?. It is a violation…Whether it is enforced is another matter. Do not confuse the two.
    Since when do you have an issue with comprehension?

    “If the Nuremberg Laws were being observed/enforced today EVERY U.S. President since WW2 would have been hanged on war Crimes and crimes against Humanity”
    Prof. Noam Chomsky

    Anything you don’t understand here.?

  • You forgot to mention Other “Country” which International Law doesn’t applies besides USA and that is Israel ….Which is the same as USA



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