UK Parliament false flag on Skull & Bones Day. 3.22.2017

Nathan Stolpman on the Westminster theatricals.  Skip the first eight minutes.  He takes a pop at Alex Jones for featuring Islamophobic fake news.  Then gets into Westminster stuff at ten minutes.  Examines photos.  Staring at casualties.  Blood packets.  Fake broken legs as at Melbourne.  Shorter version below.

After doing Westminster theatricals, he shows how Youtube underestimates views numbers on videos that don’t propagate the desired message.  Comments are blocked to viewers. One is his videos analyses 3rd on searches for Pedogate yet only clocks 2000 views.   Pedogate one of the most searched topics on search currently.  Somehow they rig the count but they still let people see the videos.

Open forum on Youtube chat is open to all comers including government monitoring.

He has 2000 up votes on Reddit for this video showing 2000 views total.

This is his best viewed video –

Watch out, America! Statue Of Liberty is next target for terror.




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