Too many dollars. The plan by the pedocriminals to crush Trump.

The Fed.  An off balance sheet, unpublicised account must be sending funds out in all directions.

The world is flush with money.  Property prices.  Share prices.  They’re all at record highs.   QE is hitting the street.  Money is being expanded around the world.  Going forward, this could make things very unstable.  This could trigger a hyperinflation.  That hyperinflation will send precious metals spiralling.

The Podesta emails leaked by wikipedia and other revelations were suggesting many top politicians are engaged in human sex trafficking and pedocrime.  The powers that be are trying to cripple Trump, who seems to want to get after the pedocriminals.  Key members of the media are engaged in this business as well.  They have big reasons to stop this surfacing and the truth spilling out further and further.  Some big names are going to consumed with this issue.  Trump is up the kerb on this issue – human sex trafficking.  Will the perpetrators try to crash the world economy to escape being outed, destroying Trump in the process?  There’s no coverage of Trump’s interest in stopping human trafficking in the main media.  There is a deathly hush.

The debt ceiling will be hit on March 15th.  The Congress could decide to cut the Trump agenda off from funding, as so many of them are likely to be outed as pedocriminals.  Both Republicans and Democrats are expressing hatred against Trump beyond anything ever heard before against any former President.  The pedocriminals are desperate that they could be outed for sex trafficking.

Don’t call it pedophilia.  Call it what it is – pedocrime.

Gold.  The big banks sold three years gold production in three days after Trump was elected,  paper gold – to suppress the price.  How long can this operation be believable?  There’s too much money around.  Prices are booming.  Metals will spike when the bubble bursts.



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