These are the people you allow to run your mind day after day

TV interviewers use NLP techniques to control your thinking.  Their techniques are broken down in this video.   Anchoring is one thing they do.  Hand signals suggesting an interviewee is an extremist.   ‘I know you think you’re the smartest guy in the world’ etc is used by Sean Hannity to discredit the professor.  Then he uses the ‘anti-Semitism’ label.  Link him to a hate group.

Their language is dual meaning.  ‘That’s not the issue at hand right now’ means ‘look at my hand’.

The hand symbol OK means 666.  Seeing it affects some people.  It’s a form of sorcery.  It’s saying ‘you’re not allowed to believe or think what you’re thinking.’

Then he uses his pinkie – meaning the professor is weak, small – subconscious sorcery – influencing the conscious mind from the subconscious mind.

‘I wish I had the Twilight Zone music’ says interviewer.  The Professor starts to muddle his words a bit.

He makes a bored face.  No eye contact.  Accuses the professor of infecting minds of captive audience of students.

People believe what they hear and what they read.  They speak first before the truth can work its way in.

He says ‘No. No’ on hearing the results of the poll which show 60% agree with the interviewee. ‘Most people think you’re a nut’.

The professor has to reply to that.  All they do is disrupt, discredit and programme the audience to not listen to him.

People watch this stuff all day long.  The interview took two minutes but it takes 30 minutes to explain what they’re doing.

You need to realise what’s going on.  Most people who want to speak the truth don’t bother going on TV as they know they won’t be interviewed at all, merely discredited.

Don’t watch TV.

TAP – Get rid of your TV aerial.  Cut them off from speaking to your family and yourself.  The truth is buried by the media.  By watching TV you are allowing your mind to be programmed to the point that you will never be able to see the truth of any topic.

David Icke’s been on tour since summer 2016.  He compares the reactions of the different mainstream medias.  Some are opening up, he says.  Not the UK or US.  But many other countries around the world are starting to accept the Icke message.


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