The Spectator rushing to support pedocriminals – again

Last week, I drew attention to Rod Liddle’s attempts to ridicule the fact that Ted Heath was a serial killing pedocriminal.  This week Charles Moore is at it again.  He has written in the interests of those facing pedocrime allegations many times before,  implying his friends are being witch-hunted.

In The Spectator’s Notes in this week’s issue, he gets straight into his favourite subject again, attacking the Police Officer in charge of Operation Hydrant, Chief Constable Simon Bailey suggesting he is too suggestible, and that the investigation will believe any allegations of pedocrime automatically, without any attempt to verify the allegations.

The recording of all allegations is, of course, the duty of an investigation.

The facts are otherwise.

Pedocrime investigations are loaded in favour of the perpetrators.  One of the main pieces of evidence against a longterm perpetrator is the number of people who come forward to make allegations against them, once an investigation starts.  In court, the judge will only consider the evidence of each allegation separately.  The fact that a thousand people have all come forward and made separate claims of abuse against the same individual is inadmissible in the British system.

Each allegation is heard simply as that of one person’s word against another, when in fact it is often one person’s word against a thousand.

Why is Charles Moore so keen to misrepresent the truth of the British legal system to his readers, by his failure to state how loaded the system is against those making allegations? Your guess is a good as mine.  Another ‘load’ is the tendency of the media to trash the reputation of the police officers investigating the pedocriminals, and their careers to be destroyed if they push through and bring prosecutions against protected pedocriminals.

The system of government runs on pedocrime, with all on the inside protected for their crimes.   Charles Moore disappointingly appears to be just another part of that system, rushing to the defence of the perpetrators in each week’s issue.  Maybe next week he’ll balance his output by writing in favour of the victims who he never mentions, as if they don’t exist.  I wouldn’t hold your breath.  The Perpetrator seems to have made up its collective mind.

On a similar topic, Nathan Stolpman on Lift The Veil (youtube), exposes David Seaman as a profiteer site,  associated with an Israeli owned company where people are having trouble getting their money back.  He (Seaman) was using the Pizzagate scandal to get huge traffic.  In the States, the pedocrime thing is now huge, with alternative media sources saying Pizzagate is causing huge stress in both parties in Congress, as the Investigate side moves in on the Protect-the-perpetrators side.  Trump appears to be siding with the former.

In Britain, the population seems mostly unmoved.   The government is stating that all children over four years old must be exposed to sex education.  Theresa May has proposed convicted pedocriminals should be allowed to adopt children, and there are countless other lines of evidence that exactly the same stuff goes on right to the top in Britain, and other Commonwealth countries, as it does in the US.

The pedocriminals are trying to move in on all sides.  Why do four year olds need sex education?  They won’t want anything to do with sex for ten years or more. Pedocriminals are desperate for children to know about sex to make it easier to seduce victims and commit crimes.  That’s who and what must be behind such a law being brought.

As for sex education for four year olds, they have got to be bloody joking.  I will try raising the issue with the school that thinks interesting children in underpants is the height of culture (see below), and see what they propose to do.  I hope they realise they have to say no to the government’s proposal, and stop running like lemmings with every government initiative aimed at sexualising children.  In that regard –

Down our street, this week, it was World Book Day.  My five year old son came home from school with a free book, which was called ‘ Everyone Loves Underpants’.  Every single character in the book was dressed solely in underpants.  I wrote to his school suggesting that if this was the best they could do to celebrate World Book Day, then we’re all in serious trouble.  It’s a private school in Shrewsbury, clearly blissfully unaware of the worldwide Deep State programme to sexualise children – and of course even babies if they could – but they won’t be admitting that.

Why am I paying good money for this evil nonsense?

No reply from the school as yet, other than a promise to reply.

It’s time to wake up, Britain.  The pedocriminals are on a charge.

UPDATE – the school replied in full and with thought.  So far so good.  Can I interest them in the sex education threat to four year olds and persuade them not cooperate?  Let’s see.

Four year olds must not be given sex education.  Thirteen is the age to inform and not before.  Four year olds and above need protecting from these criminals urgently.  Schools must stop acting as channels for pedocriminal government agencies.

Other evidence of church involvement –

Eton student who owned toddler-rape videos allowed to use false name to protect wealthy family

CIA targets Infowars. Why? Pizzagate.


9 Responses to “The Spectator rushing to support pedocriminals – again”

  1. logoagogo says:

    Private Eye were recently dismissing all this out of hand also. Wonder why?

  2. Tapestry says:

    I still can’t believe the b…….. want to teach sex to four year olds. If they try that round here, there might well be consequences.

  3. baron says:

    David Seaman is being pilloried because he is outing Pizzagate. Nathan Stolpman has confessed to mental issues and is an out of work actor. You may know that many of the acting profession do not want these things to come out.

    • Tapestry says:

      Seaman is a controversial character. Stolpman is not denying Pizzagate. Far from it. He’s done work exposing the false TV coverage of the topic.

      • baron says:

        I do not trust Stolpman. He is becoming more and more a disinfo merchant plus anyone that starts down the road of the flat earth is suspect.

  4. Tapestry says:

    I agree he’s wrong about the flat earth, but appears to be genuinely keen on the idea. His debunking of the bus ‘massacres’ was truly brilliant. His approach to these topics is technical, detailed and analytical. The flat earth stuff can be very persuasive until you work out the math. Then the deception is pretty obvious. You may be right about him but I like a lot of his work. His presentational style amuses me most of the time (occasionally it’s annoying when he gets stuck and doesn’t move on quick enough). He says he sold cars for ten years after training as an actor. His awakening is fairly recent so far as I can tell.

  5. alison says:

    It behoves us to stay focused on “THE MESSAGE” and not get distracted with trivial inconsequential details of “the messengers”;

    anybody who cares about the children doesn’t give two hoots where the info comes from, as long as it comes and keeps coming until these heinous crimes, which, whether we are conscious of it or not, affect all of us and all of our loved ones.

    We must not allow ourselves to be divided and conquered on the main issue, which is PAEDO-CRIME — and NOT whether or not David Seaman is cashing in on it.

    • Tapestry says:

      I agree, Alison. It is the scale of the awakening in America about pedocrime which was the point that interests me. The Podesta emails revealed by Wikileaks in combination with youtubes have delivered the message to millions in a very short space of time. It’s as if it’s gone mainstream. In Britain, by contrast, most are still unaware.

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