The information for life is everywhere in the universe

The universe is not a vacuum.  There are resonant particles everywhere, which hold information.  The information which makes the universe is everywhere.  Wal Thornhill explains how mathematics has been imposed over physics, creating meaningless terms and nonsensical theories like black holes, the big bang and quasars.  It’s all become show business.

Time is now – all over the universe.  Time travel is impossible.  This video is full of common sense explanations in combination with scientific knowledge.  Modern science is a pseudo-religion, more to do with show business than science.

Anyone interested in a real scientific explanation of the universe and life should listen to this interview.

Proto Saturn used to be a brown dwarf. (1 hour 15 minutes onwards)  The electrical influence of The Sun extends up to hundred times the orbit of the earth.  The plasma sheath at the edge of The Sun’s influence met with Saturn.  Saturn flared up, and ejected material, splitting into pieces.  The symbol of the snake swallowing its tail was what was visible.  Venus was ejected from Saturn.  The planets created were in polar alignment.  It was awe inspiring at times, and at other times, terrifying driving people into caves to hide form the bombardment of material.

There was no day or night before The Sun took over.  There was a 24 hour dim light.  We were in polar alignment with Saturn and the light arced around the earth.  The arrival of The Sun was the first time we could tell time.

There periods of extreme warming and extreme cold.  They said the sky was too close to the earth and everything burned up.  The earth received a lot of electrical energy instead of solar energy at that time.  And we survived.  Why did the earth land in the goldilocks zone?  And not end up like Mars or Mercury.

We are integral parts of the earth.  Our own resonance is tuned into the earth itself.  We are earthlings.

Outside civilizations would not use radio waves to communicate with us as they’re too slow.  The speed of thought is instantaneous all over the universe.  Longitudinal waves are almost instant like gravity waves.  That’s how coherent, stable planetary systems are held together, as are coherent stable particles.  They are in constant contact electrically.

Cell phones are disrupting our own electrical operation. (1 hour 30)

Moon craters are electrical discharge effects, not impacts.  The material is lofted into space.  The Grand Canyon was created by electric arcing in a few minutes.  Titan has similar arcing effects as does Mars.  Electric scarring effects are visible all over the earth.

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