Schools take fingerprints from your children without your permission

That’s the least part of it.  Pippa King explains how biometrics are being used and are planned to be used.  Face recognition/detection is a biometric technology you are not even aware of as it is being used. Schoolkids have to give their fingerprints to get food, library books etc.  Infra red palm readers are being tested on primary school children.  Iris testing was tried in schools but was found to be too slow.   Voice biometrics have been tested.  Computer technique/keying pattern is also a way to identify you.

Consent to fingerprint is being obtained from children by threats, lies, loss of privileges, even use of isolation for whole day.

Glasgow has a city wide system which can track people identifying them from their shape, the way they walk, the type of clothes they wear, and so on.

Pippa King is practically the only person fighting the use of biometric ID in schools.


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