Pence gives you the creeps

Flashing the devil’s horns, looking like he knows of other agendas, unknown to Trump, Pence looks like the danger point.  This is a fascinating set piece.  Trump wants to deliver on as many of his promises as he can – it seems.  His economic plans are cloudcuckooland.  A trillion to be spent on infrastructure when the budget is going to hit the legal debt ceiling in two weeks time.  Markets will ultimately decide what he can do.  The honeymoon lives on for now.

Streamed live on Feb 28, 2017

WATCH LIVE: President Trump Speech to Congress – President Trump Address to congress – President Trump Participates in a Congressional Listening Session – President Trump Addresses Joint Session of Congress (2/28/2017) – Donald Trump SPEECH Session Congress
This is an address before a joint session of the United States Congress similar to a State of the Union address that may be given on February 28, 2017 by Donald Trump, the 45th President of the United States. It will be delivered before the 115th United States Congress in the Chamber of the United States House of Representatives. It will be President Trump’s first speech addressed to Congress. President Trump Live Speech
#Congress #JointSession #Trump #POTUS

President Trump delivers his first address to a joint session of Congress, in which he’s expected to outline his budgetary and economic goals.

David Icke’s site is back up.  He gave an interview recently.

and another view –
Sound familiar? Trump is about to privatize everything so he and his rich pals can laugh all the way to the bank while we starve . That is if he doesn’t get us all killed 1st.

Check out Trump Lawsuits. Read about Sater and Bayrock. Check out fincen trump taj mahal. Wikipedia is a good place. Then think about the thread I just posted and everything that is going on in US such as discrediting media, putting new laws against protesters, and then maybe you can snap out of your brainwashed mind and see what is happening.

Even look up how to brainwash a large group. Starts sounding like Trump. You have been fooled my friend and we all will pay.


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