Paris shooting a hoax?

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Read the commentary below
Videos are taken down as fast at they are posted

Censored video.  Why?


Note to the easily confused: This story is about the Charlie Hebdo January shootings in Paris.

This video may have taken this down by the time you get to it.

(Update: Yes it was. Within 12 hours of posting. Read analysis and then we’ve got a link you can go to below.)

Here’s the first issue and it’s very simple:

The “gruesome” video of the execution of a police officer is nothing of the kind.

In the US, they will not play it on TV and Internet companies are taking it down every time someone puts it up, but note to censors: the policeman clearly was NOT shot in the head, neck, upper torso or anywhere else.

What’s the problem?

No blood.

Not to be gross or graphic, but how do you shoot a person point blank from close range in the head without there being some (or a lot of) blood?

Why is the mainstream and Internet media so insistent on taking the video down especially it when appears that nothing happened when the shooter pulled the trigger?

Also, the casualness with which these guys did what they did is very strange too.

This doesn’t prove anything other than the fact that this was a very strange occurrence.

Technical note: A 7.62 round is actually not that big, smaller than what is used to hunt deer, but it is a lot bigger than a BB and would definitely have a graphic effect. Something’s fishy here.

We found a link so you can see for yourself: Without censorship. You can see the fraud with your own eyes.


Note: For people who lack real life (vs TV watching) experience with firearms, search the YouTube video “AK watermelon” and see what a 7.62 round does at close range.

Also there are numerous videos of people being shot. Physics requires a reaction in the body, not a casual – and slightly delayed – “Oh! He got me” roll over. Depending on distance you should SEE the reaction before you hear it, not after. (Sight travels faster than sound.)

This man was shot at. He was not shot. So why is the news media saying that he was and that the images are to horrible to air?

Update: 1/8 11:00 AM

Something else strange to ponder:

PARIS is a BIG city with lots and lots of traffic…

But the shooters could park casually in the middle of the street in the middle of the work day, tend to their business and get back to their getaway car without having to compete with any traffic whatsoever.

Plus the shooters just happened to know when the entire staff was going to be in the office for a meeting (rare for that publication)

Update: 1/8 2 PM

Time Magazine reports that Paris police are “expanding” random searches. Gee, just like the good old USA. Paris had random searches too. Who knew?

Another news item. Last year, France scrapped it’s graduated terror alert scale. Now there are just two: either “vigilante” or “attack mode.” The system is called “Vigipirate”

Also, the masterminds who knew when the publication was having its full meeting and somehow managed to block all car traffic in front of the building during their operation…left their identity cards in their abandoned get away car. Not so smart.

And, according to the BBC, they decided that the smartest thing in the world to do right after the attack was to rob a gas station in full battle gear so they could get free gas and some snacks on their way to their secret hideout. They graciously left all the witnesses to this grand larceny alive to tell the story.

They can’t be serious with this bullshit.

Update: 1/8 3 PM

Time for a prediction because the story as told is obviously preposterous.

After a few days to give the “anti-terror” folk time to strut around, the bad guys will be killed in a shoot out. Maybe in a barn or in the thick woods (my recommendation, no witnesses.) The bad guys’ motives will be unknown or incoherent, but will surely involve that “crazy” religion we all love to hate.

The “boat in the backyard” thing is old, but who knows. These guys like to recycle.


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