North Carolina Officials Call For Farmers To Grow Industrial Hemp

13 March 2017 doitvoluntarily 74 in hemp

Officials in North Carolina are looking to start a new test program for industrial hemp and they’ve called on farmers in the state to start growing the crop. Interest in growing industrial hemp has blossomed in many different areas around the US, as more farmers begin to learn about and consider the possible benefits that it could provide.

Despite the activity remaining federally prohibited, many areas have embraced industrial hemp and exercised civil disobedience in growing it. Also, back in 2014 Congress passed a law that would allow for certain test projects to be considered which involved using industrial hemp. Following up on those changes, North Carolina is now looking to initiate a test program.

Industrial hemp has been used for thousands of years and provides a great variety of different uses, everything from clothing and rope, to animal feed and insulation, it really is a remarkable plant. For an economy that is drowning in debt and looking to boost productivity, it certainly wouldn’t hurt to embrace a lucrative market like industrial hemp.

For any farmers that are interested in taking part in the program in North Carolina, they are first going to need to apply for a license and that comes from the Industrial Hemp Commission that’s associated with that state. For any farmers that do want to engage in growing hemp, they will be strictly monitored and their crops will also be regularly tested in order to make sure that they don’t contain THC.

Farmers will also be required to report each acre of industrial hemp that they are growing to authorities. It’s urged that they give precise locations for their growing operation, by using GPS technology. At the moment there are estimated to be at least 17 different states that are engaged in permitting test industrial hemp programs, and Kentucky is credited with being a leader among them.


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