Lucifer versus Trump

Hail Satan.  Hail Lucifer.  These are the chants of the people who are demonstrating in Town Halls against Donald Trump.  No, seriously.   These are truly Satanic people.  Listen to them.  Trump is saying ‘It’s OK to say the words Jesus Christ.’  He quotes from the bible in his speeches.  Alex Jones puts it across, how this is a spiritual, not a political war.  The Satanists are trying to cast a spell on Donald Trump.  They are calling for Black Magic, Witchcraft and Donald Trump’s death.   It’s like something out of the bible.  Hear the Satanists shrieking when the Town Halls try to start proceedings with a prayer.

Abortion is ritual killing.  The Satanists are out there chanting about killing babies.  They’re spoiled toddlers throwing giant fits.  They’re coming out in huge swarms.  Some video.  Jones nails it.  No nation can survive when it involves itself in the dark arts, black magic.  It gives you huge power temporarily, but it will destroy you and your country, and your family.  It’s very powerful except against those who and understand what it is they are facing.


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